Blockheads Servers in a nutshell part 2

[XxFlintGuyQuestionerxX has been banned by a random admin]
Theres some flint?
Player: respawns
Player: sees 99 plat coins
The player quackily rushed to the coins but
Random Player: * m y c o i n s *
Player: “no”
Random Player: see ya lator alligator!

The Player is quite sad, little sad i think…

Random Admin: Pvp is on, so die.
Random Player: i have a sword
Random Admin: What sword?

As they talk, THE Player is just staring at them.

Random Player: so yes
Random Admin: yes
guy: whats goin on in chat?
Player: punchs Random Player

The 99 coins fell so yes

Player: grabs coins and buy a jetpack and fuel
Player: exits the spawn point thing place thingy

Meanwhile on a Sky island…

Vines: drops off of the sky island and landing on Player
Player: cant see anything and goes to the water and drowns

R.I.P or spend 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 TC
To skip…

Player: Smashes Her Moms Device

The end, this is the last part…


  1. what’s the name of the server?
    Answer: No, there’s name of the server. It dosen’t exist

    The end.


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I think this should be put in the first version.


When is part 3 coming out? :joy:


This is funny,i love it :lol:

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Shakespeares been real quiet after this story.

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