Blockheads Storybook

Can we make some famous Children’s Books using blockheads?
I’m just curious to see what the community would come up with and how they would change the stories.

~ Edit ~
I got the idea from this amazing noodle (@shadowolf) in the thread “Water Egg”

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Why is this thread in the #off-topic:technology subcategory?

I didn’t do that, I just put it in Off-topic but I guess I clicked the wrong one

Ok people we need made characters let’s get to work [poll type=regular results=on_vote public=true]

  • Jeff
  • John
  • Adam
  • Alex
  • Jasmine
  • Madison
  • Ayla
  • Alicea


here are some names I came up with mix of girls and boys (not that there’s a certain type name for boys and girls just the ones more commonly known as boy or girl names) if you have any to add reply I’ll add them

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Moved to GD, since it’s a proposed in-game project.


Thanks @milla!