Blockheads Sudoku! (A creative new mini-game)


So I was playing Sudoku recently and the thought occured to me that the numbers in the game are really only symbols. There is no math involved in Sudoku at all other than the fact that you are using numbers as symbols which happen to be in sequential order from 1-9. You could just as readily play the game using 9 completely random numbers totally out of sequence such as 1,2,5,7,45,65,78,80 & 2006. You could also play Sudoku using 9 pictures, or 9 symbols, or 9 colored fruitcakes…really anything!

Then, like a thunderbolt out of the clear azure blue Blockheadian Sky, the thought came to me: “Why not create a Sudoku game using Blocks?” And the Blockhead Sudoku minigame was born!

So here’s how it works. Well, one variation of how it works at least:

You start by creating the 9x9 grid either underground or in the sky. (Sky is more difficult, but I did it anyway to see how it might look):

Next, you need to gather 9 each of 9 different types of blocks. I recommend choosing blocks that are easily distinguished from each other and may all be removed easily using the same tool. So, for example, I’ve chosen these:

Place them in your inventory like the photo above, in a 3x3 square. You’ll understand why in a moment.

Now go grab a screenshot of any Sudoku Puzzle you want.
For example I picked this one:

Now begin placing your blocks according to how the Sudoku number corresponds to your inventory slot position. For example, I have a gold block in my 9th slot, so therefore, the first block I place in the upper left corner of my puzzle will be a gold block. Next, Marble is in my #2 slot, so according to the puzzle, Marble goes to the right of the gold block. As I zip around on my jet pack placing blocks according to the puzzle, I eventually complete the puzzle set up and it looks like this:

Next step, you either solve the puzzle yourself by placing blocks or you invite another player to solve it. The same ordinary rules for Sudoku apply: Blocks must be unique in every Column, Row, and 3x3 area.
Once solved, it looks like this:

And there you have it folks! Blockheads Sudoku!

I imagine many variations of this are possible. For example, 9 different fruits arranged on a grid of shelves or display cabinets. Or 9 different color paints are used and you paint the surface rather than use blocks.

If anyone builds such a mini game, please post some photos here on this thread! Would love to see folks using this idea. :sunglasses:

Tip for solving: Place in your inventory only the EXACT number of blocks you will need of each type to solve the puzzle. It will pay dividends as you look at your inventory as a sort of hint tool.

An Extensive Guide on the Construction of a Public Server Viable Sudoku Minigame Immune to Griefer Threats

I love this!!!


I might try to do something here


Why not using number or anything paintings?
Easier to place, and might look better.
With that you could even make a crossword.


Yes! You could do that. The drawback is that you have to craft 81 small square paintings. But it’s certainly feasible.


Wow, your clever Skeeve!! Love it!! 🥰


You’re a genius!


This is one of my games on birthday bonanza. Made it 1-2 years ago…

Of course, my game is called what else but …


Wow! So it has been done before!
And of course, brilliant name :joy: