Blockheads Support

Just so everyone knows, we are no longer using Zendesk for our email support channel, and I have found a bunch of emails in the regular support inbox that I missed in Zendesk for some reason. If you have emailed support and had no reply, I apologise. I will be working my way through the neglected emails as I go.

By extension of this change in email platforms, I no longer have access to your Zendesk accounts, and as such cannot refer back to historical tickets. This means if you email support you will need to provide every single piece of relevant information you can think of, and if it’s based off an historical ticket please include as much as you have or can remember of contents of that ticket in your email. If you have the emails still, include the ticket number too, as it may be present in the regular inbox.


Out of curiosity, why will you no longer be using Zendesk?

That’s for us to know, and you to speculate wildly about.

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