Blockheads to 3D Conversion

With all the other 3D games out… I say go ahead and migrate Blockheads to a 3D format… and WHEN this happens, be able to migrate all of our hardwork and world “maturity” to this 3D Minecraft-esque format.

Can’t wait.

I personally think this would not be a good idea.
The reason why I love the bhs so much is because it’s in 2d. It’s different from the others.

Not to mention, Dave would practically have to make a whole new game.

It would be WAY too much work.

I agree with all that…

But it would be really cool to be able to convert your world into a 3D format.

Heck my son plays a brand new Minecraft Add on pack like every week.

Someone could make a converter… and just sort of fill in the blanks… heck I don’t even care if the converter turned the world into a straight line of buildings (lol) and then the z direction was all untouched… in both directions.

To be fair this would have the side effect that older devices like for example my IPAD 2 which already suffers from major lag online at times would probilly end up being unplayable with the app

Exactly. I do not even like the idea of it being 3D, as the game was meant to be developed in 2D.

I’m with her. One of the best things about blockheads is that it’s in 2d!

Finding the poles would be way too much work if it was like this. And besides, 2D has a special charm on it.

Thats it… Im making a 3D converter… and most of you would try it.

I wouldn’t, and how would we install it?

It would just copy your world into a representation of the blocks into a flat minecraft type world. Minecraft Pocket Edition already exists on a smart phone/pad just fine. And have you not seen the other copy cats? Exploration Lite, etc

So as long as one can map and copy the blocks in a Blockheads world, then those block formations can be redrawn on a 3D flat land.

It would look awfully silly at first because your world would be two blocks thick sideways… and run on top of the flat world as such.

But it would be really neat.

From that 2 block thick plane… we the users, could expand outwards.

It would be a novelty, fun thing to do to bring your server into a 3D format.

I think if the blockheads were brought to computer OS systems then there could be a 2D and a 3D option, so you can choose one when creating a world. just a thought :3

Are you suggesting a new game that is a 3d version?

Just a silly, fun converter for novelty purposes.

It is like converting all of the world’s hard work to a 3D format… just for the heck of it.

So sure… maybe a representation of your Blockheads world in a Minecraft 3D world.

Actually that would be sweet. Convert your Blockheads to Minecraft…

I think maybe a having MC controls (For controlling you blockhead) and just see the world from your blockheads view :stuck_out_tongue:

• Moving your screen
• Moving your blockhead
• Using your tools

How to solve:
• First person view
• First person view
• Using your tools like in. Minecraft.

• Loosing originality of The Blockheads for being 2D.

Hmmm… is it possible to have a blockheads view in a Minecraft type world?

If it’s 3D and blockhead view, there will be issues moving your screen.

I think 3d makes people dizzy. Anyways this game is a little bit more retro.

Honest opinion, I don’t think Dave made a game so he could copy everyone else’s idea’s, he made a game so he could get the pride of making load’s of people happy, and when someone copy’s The Blockheads he should take it as a compliment because he is doing such a great job :slight_smile:

Dave got inspired my mine craft, he doesn’t want to completely copy it