Blockheads to 3D Conversion

Do you know how much money a single advertisement brings in compared to the average in-app purchase?

Advertisements make nowhere near enough money compared to literally anything else.

YouTube’s business model is nothing like anything you’d see in a mobile game.

Not counting hosting for free with collected or hacked TC, the cost actually went down. I don’t remember the exact cost difference but post-1.7 credit was cheaper than buying TC and then using the TC for credit pre-1.7.

How would that help?

There’s just too much effort required to keep it going on modern Android versions.

More importantly…

It isn’t an Android game. It’s a PC game.

It’s also hasn’t been released yet

Yeah, it’s still being tested for a release in 2022.

considering the pandemic though 2022 is overly generous

Dave said that the game will come out in 2022.

unexpected things can happen in the release of games like anything else, the pandemic only increases those odds

Yes, but Dave is doing just fine right now. He lives in a country that’s under no pressure from the global pandemic.

you do realize that regardless of country the system is entirely damaged right now, right? much of the people that play the blockheads are from the U.S, which is still in a pretty bad spot, and many beta testers or other members of his community are affected, there is no immunity to any of the pandemic anywhere right now when it comes to high-functioning projects

As somebody who’s been a member of the beta testing process, I can easily say that it’s been going over really well right now. Tons of progress is being made.

Completely detailed topic as well as dredged.

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Yes, but since the discussion has actually continued I’m leaving it. Posting to old threads is generally annoying, and pointless, but in this case, a very rare one, it’s worked out.


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Nah, I would like a 3D version of the Blockheads as a spinoff.
The userbase and franchise already are here, Minecraft is owned by Microsoft, let’s create or competitor!
When I’m recovered from issues, I may even volunteer.
Besides, it would attract marketshare.

Oh I thought I was 9 months late, seems I necrobumped it over 7 years.

I wanna add the question, how many money did blockheads make from watching ads?
And I’m dutch.

You can get around about 5 cents per ad.

Edit: changed 50 to 5

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Thank you, never knew that.