Blockheads Trivia

How well do you know BH? How many points can you get?

Easy (1pt each)

What item requires refuelling in order to finish crafting?


What is the maximum cost of teleportation in large worlds?

Answer200 TC

What type of pickaxe do you need to do the TP job for a diamond?


Which item can be used to craft more of itself for cooking?


Which bench has the fewest number of crafting recipies?


Medium (2pts each)

What three items can be used to refuel a kiln?

AnswerPine cones, Wood, Charcoal

What tool can be crafted at two benches?


Where do you craft flatbread?


Which block does not occur naturally in the world and cannot be crafted?


In expert mode, which armor type requires emeralds to craft?


In PVP, pausing prevents damage. How else can you prevent damage while still being able to look around?

AnswerUse a camera

Which block can be mined with one hit, even if the tool shows a red outline?

AnswerIce + Glass + Black Glass

Hard (3pts each)

All stairs/columns except one can be crafted with a block of their material. What stair/column is crafted with something else?

AnswerCarbon Fiber

In an earlier version of the game, backwall couldn’t be removed by hitting it with a pick / spade. Which 3 blocks did not create visible backwall?

AnswerReinforced Platforms, Lava (could be "placed" with trapdoors/doors in 1.3), Time Crystals (used to be able to be "placed" with trapdoors/doors, but when mined did not give TC)

How do you get the “Holy Smokes” achievement?

AnswerWear a full set of Carbon Fiber Armor

How do you get the “Lucy” achievement?

AnswerTake a diamond from a diamond tree

Which bench does not display its level when the UI is open, even though it has more than one level?

AnswerThe Builders Bench

Depending on where you are in the world, the stars will move in different directions. At which pole does the sun move from right to left?

AnswerSouth Pole

For how many shots does a copper bow last?


Advent Calendar Day 22 (Part 2)


Oh, ouch. I hate to say it. As long as I have played…I only got 8 out of the 40 points. :see_no_evil:
That’s embarrassing.
But that’s my life. Mindlessly plugging along without paying much attention. :sweat_smile:

Was a fun quiz tho!


Don’t worry, @NYCCI, I only got 3/40.

Though I suppose i’d attribute that to just skipping through the questions at the end and hardly playing after 1.7’s release. :T


I got 30/40. Probably shouldn’t have expected to get a full score lel.

And here I am,only scoring 2/40

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My score wasn’t much better. :flushed:


Yikes ._. I didn’t think the questions were that hard, some of the hard ones certainly are, but not all of them.


In my case, I just don’t have a knack for paying attention to detail. ;p
And some of the items in quiz are things I never use - thus don’t know much about them. The question about the “earlier version,” was about a version before I even started playing.
But hey! All in all, I learned a lot from the quiz. It makes me want to pay more attention to things I’d usually gloss over. :3
It’s a good quiz, bib :+1:

Doesn’t “hiding in a door” also work for that question?

The sluice actually. As it only has 1 crafting recepie.

Glass and black glass aswell

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This isn’t foolproof, unless you are in a protected area, which can’t be assumed…

Oops, fixed.

Good point, I forgot about these since I basically never use them…


I got 16/40 :flushed: :see_no_evil: LOL, I am playing from so long still i think i am not paying attention to things around me…

@GoodGradesBoy What did you get?

30 points

Who uses game center anymore??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was able to recall mental images upon what would not create a backwall in 1.3 through Redeagle’s videos…

WOW goodgrades in Blockheads too!

not exactly a good thing :joy: