Blockheads won't install (Solved)

EDIT: It finally installed, you can delete/archive this now.

So I created a server for me and my sister to play together. I created the server before she installed the app.
She isn’t able to install the app and we have tried both the play store and various APK sites. They all gave her the error “App couldn’t be installed” or something.
We use the same phone (Samsung Galaxy J5 2017) and the same version of Android (7.0).

Could anyone give us any tips or a method to install it?
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

I don’t really know much about this, but is your storage full?

It’s almost full, but enough to install it since normally it would say something like “not enough storage to install”

Try login to playstore again.or reboot the device.I don’t understand why the same phone model can’t install the same app…
Mind checking the version of the blockheads too on your phone?

My game is running version 1.7.5

1.7.5? Do you mean 1.7.3?

Well It says 1.7.5 for me…
I have the latest update so I guess I have 1.7.3.

Oh, I see.


May 13, 2019



Current Version


Requires Android

3.1 and up


Ah, okay.

They update as they fix stuff. They don’t need to consult us about it. It’s only the content and agnostic bug fix updates that come through us, to them :slight_smile: