Blockheads World

Hi :slight_smile: I just wanted to make a topic for my server, Blockheads World. I made it back in 2014, when Blockheads was in its prime. I made it before protection signs existed, so that’s why everything is made of steel. I’m currently in the process of fixing it up and making some room for people to build. I don’t really play this game anymore just an fyi. I might come back later but for now I’m kinda burned out on this game.

  • no griefing, hacking or stealing
  • no building over water
  • don’t kill animals
  • no asking for admin or mod, ask me for more info on how to become one
  • cussing is allowed, keep it to a minimum
  • if you build something and don’t come back/edit it after 4 weeks, I may need to remove it, depending on where it is
  • 3 kicks = ban

And yes we do have starters.
There is a sky city where you can build pretty close to spawn. There’s also space to the right past the lake and 3 buildings.


Oh ok but welcome to the forums!