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What is BlockheadsFans?

Blockheads fans is the world’s largest and most active Blockheads Cloud Server list!

News & Updates:

We have updated the interface so that the number of users online shows on the server page!

Users can now vote for a server once every 6 hours! This will help new servers move up the ranks faster!

Updates In Progress

Optional contact form where server admins can be reached for the sake of disputing bans
Ability to change join URL after creating your server
Please suggest features you want to see!

Require support for Ask here!

MacHeads, the Mac Server List

[Reserved for news & updates]

Please note, this thread will contain all updates relating to from now on (no new threads).

Feel free to let me know if you spot a bug, have issues or suggestions!


[Reserved for news & updates]


Ermm… What’s reserved mean??


I means I am saving the space for future content :slight_smile:


Considering that you’ve made 17 threads pertaining to news/additions to BlockheadsFans, I think this official thread would be a great way to organise them from now on. Cheers.


It’s just my opinion, but I’ve not been in favor of the rapid voting to move up the ranks and now people can vote even quicker? That doesn’t make good servers move up, it just allows any server with someone spamming the vote button move up, that’s all. I’d rather see a quality server ranking system. One vote per player, EVER. Rank would be on a scale of some sort, 1-5, or 1-10. Maybe have this separate from your votes but let players sort by stars, or whatever system you use.


I got it! Since people repeatedly vote, ranks!

Stone hut : 0 votes
Village : 1-10 votes
Town : 11-50 votes
City : 51-150 votes
Metropolis : 151-400 votes
Kingdom : 401-1000 votes
Empire : 1001+ votes


I think it’s easy to understand. By allowing rapid voting the website will get far more visits.


Other people being online is key to a great experience, in the past bh fans has sent too many to servers which are empty. Now with the users online list and more frequent voting people should see more active servers up at the top.


Are votes resetting in April?


Oops! Thanks for reminding me, I was moving to a new office so I missed a lot.

Yes, there are two major reasons:

  1. We believe active servers are the best to visit. Activity is a form of quality and so we want those servers which are super active to be higher
  2. People visiting more often means they will remember the site when looking for new servers.


Hi Guys, Hi RedEagle,
we noticed the voting with the same IPs for Miss Universe. Just wanted to report it to you.

Andre Lee


Thanks for the report, the IP couldn’t have been exactly the same as we have some IP blocking in place for that. It looks like Red already deactivated that server :slight_smile:


I don’t necessarily agree with the high activity/voting = quality server. I may start touring some of the top servers just to check. But Ultra Hack TC? Seriously?

And yes, it’s a world that advertises free TC safes on their welcome page.


I’ve removed that server and left the owner a message (assuming they look at their logs…).

Thanks for reporting it :slight_smile:


Hello guys,
thanks for your help. Here is the next server, PINK FLOYD. This time with different IPs, but with 40 Votes in 23 Minutes. Very… kinda funny :smiley:


Thanks again, I’ve made it harder to cheat on votes and removed their votes. I have a feeling I need to look at Starlight Skys as well…


Yea, Biblio Im co owner of Starlight Skys :wink: We arent cheating like them, and we never do any vote cheats. But if someone does, I will find it out and I will report it to you too. Thanks to our members we get these much votes.


Good morning!
It seems Starlight Skys is getting trolled and people are still able to misuse the voting system… Can I pm you for the report or do I have to mention the problems here?