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Good morning!
It seems Starlight Skys is getting trolled and people are still able to misuse the voting system… Can I pm you for the report or do I have to mention the problems here?


Thanks so much for covering for me on this Bib! I was away.


Hey Redeagle, can I pm you or Biblio for the report? I dont want to put more reports here on this thread.
Thx in advance
Andre Lee


Before it gets lost, here the multiple votes from:


Send them to Bib or post them here. Bib has been updating the site and knows more than me.


Thank you guys sooo much for fixing the method players were using to multiply their votes so quickly. Even with the extra voting every 6 hours, the numbers have slowed down a great deal. My goal now is to get Skylands Arena past that Free TC server.


Hey by the way, I started cleaning up duplicate server entries.
Got about 50-60 of them so far. I made sure that the join link was identical before deleting.

This probably isn’t going to be noticeable in a server list >4000 entries, but it was bothering me.

Also - I added 4 new categories!
(These 2 were very necessary because we had all other sizes except these)
**>1 Year Old **(For servers that have been around the Block… :lol: Pun Intended)
Vanilla (I thought this would be a needed category for those looking for worlds with portal chests)


I don’t think we’ve stopped all of it yet, but a good part of it has been stopped :slight_smile:

I just visited that server and told them what’s what. Ended up getting the owner to change the name of the server and stop offering TC, or so he says… Now to figure out how to change the server name on BHFans…


How about a category for minigame servers?? Might include mazes, or handcar courses, or other sundry minigames.


I’ll try adding that Jem, but I noticed when I was adding categories, that I think we have maxed out on the number of categories. Nonetheless, I’ll try deleting the “capture the flag” category as only 2 active servers are using it out of 4000.
Besides - that is sort of a mini-game category in itself.

Edit: I didn’t have to delete Capture the Flag. “Minigame Within” category added.
(If you think of a better name, let me know)


Wait… Skeeve? I didn’t know you helped out with the site! lol I was so confused


I just reset the votes for! if you want to get in the race do so now!


Lol - yeah Smeegs, I got back into it when I realized that the site has really grown and become very useful after 1.6.1 was released.


I am working on an update btw :slight_smile: Still not 100% confirmed but if the site is popular I want to see if I can invest in it. I am surprised how many people play BH everyday.


SKeeve or Red Eagle. It was brought to my attention that the number 1 ranked server Merica is using the messagebot to do something uncool, publishing everyone’s IP when they log in. They might deserve some attention.


Thanks Jem for passing the message!


I just checked that out. if they were they stopped it.


They only do it when the owner is logged in with the message bot.


Ok I will check it out, if I see it I will try and warn the owner and if ignored will simply delete their server from the list.

Edit: Ok, I just logged on and the Bot was running, but was not publishing IP’s. I think they’re cool now. Hopefully.


yeah, maybe they got the message from the negative comments on theblockheadsfans.


Yes I did Jemnidad. First it was dating? Than Phishing? Then Ip’s? Why did no one try to contact me at all?