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Welcome to the forums, My Rites! Thanks for not publishing IPs!


Let us know if this ever happens again and we will investigate.


I am working through your suggestions and thinking about different ways to rank servers. I am almost done but anyone here has an idea of how we could rank servers who don’t get as many votes please let me know.

BH2.0 will rank servers based on:
Users Online
----Other ideas welcome----


Why not have the top showing servers not go by votes, but by amount of active users online? That would rotate the top servers a lot. Full servers at the top. Votes still show, but it would probably be more fair that way.
Or even make it a user option, full servers or by votes at top, depending on what you click.


Working on something like that :slight_smile:


I already mentioned this to Red on PM, but might as well share it here:

If we could somehow obtain the creation date of a server (It’s visible to owner’s on the Owner’s Portal), then we could sort the server list by age.

Wouldn’t that be great? You could look for servers less than a week old and go and claim some pole items!
Or - perhaps you want to take a look at the Grand Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire - well over 2 years in age.
It opens up some nice possibilities.


That is a great idea Skeeve! Wingy and I were just wishing for something like this for pole reward collection.


Thanks Shariu, yeah it would open up some new goals. I’m having a bit of fun though harvesting my own pole items from 1/16x Single Player Vanilla Worlds. Still pretty time consuming, but once you work your way up to gold spade production, it becomes only a matter of time and patient chopping before getting that one diamond you need to upgrade your portal. TC cost is pretty darn high though… but, worth the fun.


My fear with age is owners will simply lie about their server age to get attention. I wonder if there is a way to determine age…


What sort of attention? And what age do they lie about?

EDIT: And I have a question: what do you get for having the most votes?


Oh me and skeeve were talking about a leaderboard for oldest server. However, the lack of ability to find how old a server is means that you would just put in age. People would put in old ages to make their server seem old when its not.

By being #1 on BlockheadsFans you get traffic from thousands visiting the site. You get #1 by getting tons of votes.

Good questions!


Perhaps owner’s could post a screenshot of their owner’s portals showing the creation date.
Like this for example:

Any server that is so old that it was migrated from over 2 1/2 years ago would show “Unknown” for the creation date. But that’s ok because obviously the owner wouldn’t be lying - it’s old!


You might be able to get web-based OCR technology, you wouldn’t even need to look at the screen shot!


Uh…thanks…? Hmm, well, having people at a server is Lways interesting. I agree with Skeeve’s idea. No screenshot, no entry! Yeah, I’m cruel…


Haha - works for me Alexandra! :slight_smile:


That would work for cloud servers, but not Mac servers.


Does anyone still use mac servers?


Of course. Most of them are ‘off the grid’ so to speak, as they don’t show on the search feature. But they (we) are out there. :slight_smile:

Edit: still, I d like to apologize. After I posted that, I considered the thread topic. Mac servers really have no place in this discussion.


No problem! I would give more weight to them but it seems they are probably few and far between.


[COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=4]WHY THE HECK IS THIS THREAD ONLY 3 STARS?![/SIZE][/COLOR] is a highly useful site of checking which servers are the most popular. This should be a FIVE!