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Someone rated it 1 star (I had banned him from =MGN= for being under 13) and that effects the rating long term. I dont think anyone cares about ratings though, people come in, they thread the thread, they see the biggest Blockheads fan website ever. They stay :slight_smile:


Er, why is it now a 6-hour delay? People need to sleep, so it’ll mean that if someone is automatically voting every six hours they’ll get more votes than a person who is somehow dedicated enough to at least vote a few times a day.

Also, could there be an easily visible link to these Blockheads Forums? These are the official ones, and I think that fan sites should generally link back to the main game forum, where most stuff happens.


Hey RedEagle, Bibliophile was just in my server asking about Python. He needed an active server to try it on? I don’t know how to get in touch with him other than here. I was going to take a Python class at MIT, but never signed up. I can help a little, but I never took the class. lol If you can tell him to message me through here, it would be great.


Python is fairly simple, I’m just joining random servers to let me test what I’ve got now.

Lots of fun things coming up :slight_smile:


Okay then. So, not-technically-cheating-but-still-not-really-allowed stuff appears to be happening with 6-hour votes (See MessageBot thread for full thing, here’s a summary: server owner pretended that voting gave you rank points which could make you admin), and I have a solution: allowing each player/unique IP to vote for multiple servers, but only once until it resets. No more rule-bending, and as an added bonus people do not have to set their alarm to wake them after a 6-hour sleep.


But wait! Even though the thread says cloud servers, the web site can accomodate both. The join link, I believe will work for Mac servers as well. There might need to be info on the port settings but I think it could work.


Yes, if you have a join link then bhfans is your best bet at getting attention for your Mac server. It’s probably even more valuable a service to Mac server owners.


We just reset our votes! If you want to reach #1 on our leaderboard visit:


I’d like to suggest using a system of voting where you can vote on as many servers as you want, but only once each before it resets. Right now people have to vote every 6 hours, which is simply ridiculous, and there’s lots of rulebending going on.


I agree Gollark - the 1 vote per server would certainly be a bit more reasonable. I think the reason for the multiple votes is that it generates much more traffic to the site. This may be a good thing in the long run for


Well, if RedEagle wants to put his traffic first, over user satisfaction and system fairness, he’s welcome to. Besides, if everyone gets tired of having to do this every six hours and is tired of their servers never reaching the cheating servers’ level, the site won’t be popular. I really don’t see why 6-hour voting was implemented in the first place.


Add to that server’s like 'Merica where the owner has everyone convinced that the message bot knows when they vote and you get a whole army of noobs voting every chance they get just to earn rank points. :lol:


That’s what I meant by ‘cheating servers’.

Here’s a quote from the MessageBot thread:

This sort of thing needs tidying up. As you can see, the message kind of says nothing about points for voting but when read differently does.

And the last part of the post is kind of, well, ominous, somehow.

Also, has anyone else noticed how ranking-by-votes is a positive feedback loop?
[li]Server is at top.[/li][li]People visit server[/li][li]Server gets votes[/li][li]Server stays at top[/li][li]Server stays for a long time and gets lots of votes[/li][li]Server stays at top by large margins[/li][li]Server is stuck at top[/li][/ol]

Finally, maybe the ‘FREE TC’ servers in the list should go?

That was meant to be a finally, but… seriously, can nobody accept that I’m trying to help?


Gollark I am not going to read your messages as I know you are extremely motivated to stop/block things I do.

You were banned from =MGN=.

You’ve been bitter for ages.

I am asking you kindly no longer to respond to my threads.


Well, what he says is worh saying and thinking about, id say … Even if you think Golark is just trying to cause problems for you, red.


I’d like to say one thing about the positive feedback loop Gollark observed. This kind of thing is ubiquitous in life everywhere. High stock prices, for example, attract investors because they think it will go higher - they invest - driving up the price. Popular kids in high school attract more of a following - then they become more popular. In elections, if a candidate pulls too far ahead in the polls, then he/she pulls even further ahead because some people just want to be associated with a winner.

The positive feedback loop is everywhere both in nature and human society. There are limits, of course. It can’t sustain itself forever - so that’s what makes it interesting. As soon as one winner finishes riding the crest of a wave, there’s another winner right behind riding another crest.


Seriously people? is a service- provided free of charge- that increases traffic to our servers. Dave himself has a fairly high “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” quotient. And he has pretty specific rules about updates, such as specifically NOT saying when they’ll be ready. I don’t see this kind of acidity towards him.

Perhaps Red should shut down the site for awhile, and let us fend for ourselves. Then sometime down the road, he can reinstate it and see if we’re all still upset that we don’t get the MOST of something being provided for free.

The fact that we want that has nothing to do with Red, and everything to do with pride. Pride doesn’t care that we have something, it only cares that we have more of it than anyone else. I understand now why people say that Blockheads isn’t fun for them anymore. How could it be, given that kind of competition?


I wont read posts from gollark as I don’t want to reignite a conflict with him. Ever since they got banned (gollark and kitten) and the “boycott =MGN=” movement we have been hearing issues from them. They came well presented but I found that it was always something negative, something to destroy and not to benefit.

Gollark, I have no beef with you. I don’t hold anything against you. Let’s not have trouble or conflict. If you leave my threads alone I will do the same for you and maybe we can forgive, forget and move on. We are just human beings and it’s just a game. I don’t want to start this again and I have nothing against you.

Milla has addressed personal attacks (at least when it comes to ratings) at my request already:


I don’t think Gollark is attacking, he’s trying to present an idea that would genuinely help, and given his previous history with =MGN=, nobody is giving him the chance that he may have moved on.


In my opinion it’s naive to assume that someone who has run such a campaign against me (boycott =MGN=) is here to kindly contribute and help. Rather through argument they seek to reduce the credibility of things I do in order to get even.

If he wanted to help, he could send me a private message, discuss any personal grievances so we could happily settle them and we could embrace each other as friends and have some honest beneficial conversation. In fact if you want to be friends gollark I would be more than happy.