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Everyone has a right to post in the open forums, and personal issues are not an appropriate discussion point here. There is a process for reporting problems, but I do not consider the posts you’re complaining about to be an issue. Either ignore the posts without comment, or address the actual points raised in them.


Thanks Milla,

I’m starting to learn that people in this culture are less concerned about honor and personal relations and more concerned about ideas and debating ideas (Greco-Roman culture). This is a little bit different for me (growing up in the east) but it’s something I am hungry to learn about.

I’m thinking a lot about this and hope to learn more about how people think here so I can become more like the people here and work together with them more effectively. It’s an interesting and fresh perspective and I respect it.

I look forward to finding out more about how this plays out in different parts of western culture so I can adapt and be more effective.


Thanks, Red. I really appreciate your approach. I think what it comes down to is that is a community, rather than a place for taking shots at one another. Only reasonable, calm discussion can solve differences of opinion. Fighting is a form of violence, even if it’s done in a text context! :slight_smile:


@Red This is gonna seem pretty random, but what differences have you noticed between Eastern and Western culture? I’ve been in my American “bubble” for essentially my whole life, and haven’t been exposed to different ways of thinking aside from what’s been presented to me. It’s hard to learn outside culture/politics without actually talking to the people who have lived in different places from me.


EDIT: I moved this to a topic here so I can be more frank as it’s =MGN= members only [Yacht is a member]:

Very much my own opinion:


I will leave the bear bones for all the see though:



Believe in, and are subject to, absolute truth (black and white)

Potential negatives:

Little room for thinking outside the box or accepting the different.




Rule of law (the law is above all people)
Deep obligation to a greater society (if I take all the apples there are no apples left for X person I don’t know*)
Deep sense of "fairness"
A sense that everyone has the ability to change their situation, progress!
Truth is found by consensus (grey)


Just want to let everyone know we reset all votes!

Check it out here:


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lol there is still code!!!
Hope u noticed


hi mates :slight_smile:

we just noticed that theres a “bug” again with the blockheadsfans voting. people are able to vote more than once every 6 hours.
there are some servers, especially the top ones, including my server “starlight skys”, with
those issues.

i hope you can fix that guys :wink:

andre lee (starlight skys)


Unless someone is using a VPN or proxy server, this isn’t the case. I just checked the logs from Starlight Skys and no IP is voting more than twice in 6 hours. (Though some very similar IPs have voted close to each other, the vote at 2016.11.09 06:41:58 only differs in the last number of the IP)


Okay and what about this, server Blue and White:


Yep, all different. Though so many votes so close… I might need to look into that.


I have fixed this thread’s formatting :slight_smile:


Okay, but THIS is very suspicous. A not really busy server with ALOT of votes. Blue and White. About 30 votes in 30 minutes?? I’ve never seen that before. On monday they had 60 votes, and today 223… Not cool. This is very suspicious :neutral_face:


They’re using pop-ups nothing wrong with that.


The popup asking people to vote isn’t the likely issue here, the problem is that it looks an awful lot like they are cheating votes.


You mean like making more than 1 acc?


Sort of, boosting votes in order to get to the top more easily anyhow.


Just wanted to say, free TC servers are NOT welcome on this site. If you do things that directly hurt the funding of the blockheads you will be removed.

If you see TC servers getting votes, please report it here.

Amazing how ppl dont care about the game

Tc elite owned by anonymus$1 give tc for points wich you can get for voting. And btw why are there servers with same name and usually same owner added there few times? I saw 4 servers named
" ->hotel " with same owner, should it be this way?


I have banned TC Elite, thanks :slight_smile:

I am not sure why that is. That should not be. Our update was gonna fix that but we have run into a few bot complications.