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It is very hard for me to search for TC servers on the site. Is there a way to be able to search 2 characters instead of 3 or more?


TC Elite by anonymous is back,
as are 3 other FREE TC servers on the first page.


Yea :confused:


I just disabled that server and every other server which advertised free tc in their welcome message / on signs at spawn on the first page, the admin page was too slow to stand looking at more.

The owners apparently didn’t like me showing up, I got a ban ;), not that I was planning on visiting them again anyhow.

I did not blindly disable “Free TC” servers by name as some servers use that for advertising and don’t give TC out.

Please feel free to send me a PM with any servers giving out TC and I’ll take a look at them.


Free TC is now filted text, if you put Free TC, the vote system will automatic removed


Automatically, no. I did remove a server which advertised free tc yesterday however and will continue to remove all servers which do so that I am aware of.

Repeat offenders may be banned from the site, servers which harm the game are NOT welcome. I’ll be asking Red about removing servers from users which promote free tc.


Free TC is piracy. It robs Dave of the income he needs to run our dear servers on the cloud. Do not assume that cloud services are free and that no harm comes from using safes of Time crystals. Imagine if you had to pay Amazon for your own cloud server to run a Blockheads server. It would be MUCH more expensive that the effort it takes to watch some videos every day or spending a few dollars a month to run your server.


Is it time to reset the vote counts for June?

And before anyone bashes me for double posting, please check the timestamps.


You shouldn’t double post.

I know, I know, but… #Rebel


New update :slight_smile:

I have added a new section to the website, it will contain helpful tools for Blockheads players. Currently it only holds a pixel art builder similar to the @Skeeve atron.

Please let me know if you have any issues with it.


Excellent job Bib! Of course, I can’t test it out due to my work browser being from the Stone Age of the Internet when some people actually believed that Al Gore created it.

Anyhoo - Glad to hear that the speed has greatly improved. My excel macro can really be slow for 255 x 255 pixel photos. But, I do like the ability to transfer the image to another spreadsheet and then play around with it - such as adding gridlines, deleting certain recipes to see the squares better - etc.


I’ve just gone through and deleted some hate comments with foul language. If your server comments get spammed by this please let me know and I’ll clean it up for you.


please dont bump up post


Please review the rules - that was not a bump as it contributed to the thread in a meaningful way and was relevant to this thread - should not have been placed in a new thread about BHFans.

Emphasis mine.


Hi all!

We have taken action against those clearly putting up servers which giveaway Time Crystals. We want to be careful not to ban all those who put TC in their name just to make sure we don’t blacklist good servers.

If you play on any server in which admins/mods sell TC, take a screenshot and post it here and we will deal with it.


Mm I wouldn’t post it here, that can be considered naming and shaming. I would just pm @RedEagle or @Bibliophile.


This is truth :slight_smile:

If anyone is not clear about what constitutes a bump or dredge please ask me, but not in this thread.


When 1.7 comes out are the dead servers still going to be on the server list?


Probably. Servers don’t have to be permanently removed if they are “dormant”. Just because a server isn’t currently funded, doesn’t mean it won’t be funded by the owner in the future. The reset of votes, however, helps keep the currently active servers at the top so you can see the ones getting votes, which shows that people are playing and voting.



Servers are numbered. Instead of having to count how many servers down it is, we should be able to look at the server and see “#10: Survival of Time” in my opinion.