-- Cloud Server List -- The official Thread!


Pretty good idea!

I support it.


Am I the only one who clicks “I forgot my password” instead of “Submit” while logging in? The color of “I forgot my password” jumps more out, and I just automatically click it.

While creating or searching a server, you get to choose from these cateories:

Am I blind and can’t find it, or is it missing PvP category? Could it maybe be added?


No. Good catch. Although Factions, Survival, and Extreme Survival all tend to have PVP on. And probably Prison server although I’m not entirely sure what that theme is about.

Actually, could we add another new category if you’re going to add PVP. Could we have Challenge Server for those of us with maze challenges and other puzzle solving servers?

And how many Capture the Flag servers are there? Could that be expanded to Minigames? Like handcar sports as well?


I almost think they need to allow 4 tags with how many 1 server can be. :slight_smile:

I don’t think I have ever seen a capture the flag server before. Did there use to be one? :question:


I don’t know. I’ve never seen one. The list has a lot but only Explody Nukes has a vote.

Does the “?” in the online column mean a server is out of credit?


It means that the server’s join link isn’t a valid one to join the server (e.g. it goes to the forum, server website, etc) and thus I can’t tell what to query the API with to get the online players.


Why isn’t Basileus in the top page somewhere? I was the first person who voted for it.


Which Basileus?
The current one is a mac server


Not all servers with 1 vote are shown on the first page as there are too many of them, it’s midway down the second page. Once it gets 2 votes it should jump to the first page.


Nooo I wondered why others didn’t vote for it…

Ohhhhh do mac servers not show up on the list?


All servers can be listed. Mac or cloud.


Can we have a Mac server category too? This is probably one of the better ways to get people to join Mac servers since you can link directly to your server. Easy peasy.


Very true! Allot of people already know this list exists, allotof people will probably look at the other one and join since they never knew anyones mac server existed.


Does the Online indicator work for Mac servers? That would be cool since the app doesn’t list player count on the spinner for them.


There are currently no plans for this functionality.

Custom images open up a crazy amount of potential problems. What if someone uses BHFans to upload inappropriate images and display them in the game?


Maybe you could choose from a few different images? IMO just one pic looks kinda bland after awhile…


You could upload your own image and @Wingysam gave me a code a while back that displayed the number of votes you currently have. It wouldn’t be on the image, but it would still show how many votes you have.


Isn’t there already something that worms similar to what @Sunnypersonis suggesting? The server Rabbithole has a blue and purple background. How?


True, you can set up a gradient image.

Log in, go to My Account > My Servers and click on Get Banners for the server you want.


not sure if someone has already asked this question, but I’ll ask anyway. Has anyone else had a problem while clickin on “I forgot my password,” entered their email and clicked the link that was sent to the email but the link doesn’t work?

this is what I mean when I click the link: