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Ah, yea, that’s been a problem for ages… I never got around to fixing it. If you send me a message with your username, I can reset your password.


Because it’s a manual process… and… well… easy to forget. I’m pretty sure they have been updated and whoever reset (might have been me) forgot to update the announcement.

I’ll reset them tomorrow for the new month.


There was 5 months of inactivity on this post and website voting; everything looks active but im wondering why the break, and the site rarely has 5+ active users. Am i missing something?
(Im very new to forums and multiplayer)


First of all, welcome. The inactivity is probably some people doing their own thing of these forums, like on the website itself. That’s just my assumption tho, not 100% sure. :slight_smile:


For the forum thread: Mainly because there was no update to the site, so nothing to announce.

For the site: I believe votes have been reset more recently than the site claims, but can’t really back that up without looking into the database… Red and I run the site, and we’ve both been pretty busy.


Not sure how to respond to both*
Thankyou devyn, i certainly feel welcomed.

Bibliophile thanks for letting me know, and hosting the site. Ive been looking for a server list and have come across lots of abandoned sites. Glad to find the active thread :thumbsup:

Thankyou both!


thanks Bib.


I can’t get it right now, but I’ll PM you later. If you’re admin on SoT (I can’t remmeber), it’s on that server.


Votes have been reset for May :slight_smile:


Votes have been reset - please yell at me if I forget as we want to promote recently active servers, not just servers that have been very active in the past.


I thought they reset every month automatically?


Unfortunately, nope, it’s not automatic. It probably should be… if I have enough time to write a script to automate it… I probably should.


Think it’s about time to reset the votes.


Some people are just voting servers which are already out of credit


Votes have been reset, and I finally made a script to auto-reset votes each month :slight_smile:


Is down? It’s not loading for me.


No, it is just your side.


It’s resolving and loading for me. Are you having trouble resolving the service or is the server not responding?


I think it wasn’t resolving the host at all. It’s working now. But even my vote button on my welcome page wasn’t showing up. Very odd.


Huh, sometimes our backups run hot and take down some services for a few min.