Blockmarket History Chart Spreadsheet

I’ve been collecting data from the Blockmarket once per minute since 2018. So far, the data is 3.3GB, over 1.5 million rows, and over 453 million data points!

I’ve compiled this data into a spreadsheet and generated a chart for every item. To keep sizes manageable (Google Sheets only permits up to 5 million cells) I’ve filtered the data to only one row per day.


You might have more luck if you try using Microsoft Excel. I believe it has a higher cell limit.

Yikes lol

I’ll try opening it on my pc later

Excel has a 1 million 48 thousand row limit, and no cell limit. My dataset would still fail on it. I also don’t own Excel :lol:

I could trim down to once every 10 minutes and find my grandparent’s Excel 2007 maybe?

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Yeah, try to find that copy of Microsoft Excel 2007. Maybe even try Apple Numbers.

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Excel online just needs a Microsoft account

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What is the BlockMarket?

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It is a website that allows you to track the economy:

By the way, the cell limit in Microsoft Excel (probably not the online version) is 7,179,869,184. That cell limit more than likely applies to Microsoft Excel 2007 and newer. Older versions of Microsoft Excel likely have a much lower cell limit.

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As cool as this project is, I have to say it seems entirely excessive. You can only fit so many data points on a graph and with the given timescale, you could easily take only a couple data points a day and still end up with an essentially identical graph. So I’d recommend thinning out your data more than anything else.

If you really want to take minute-by-minute data, I suggest sectioning your data into smaller sizes, having a different sheet for each year or so. Then you if you want a chart showing the entire duration of the experiment you can use a less dense data set, say 1 data point per day or so.

Statistics is an art of effectively showing a story using visuals and numbers in a practical manner. There is only so many data points you can shove into an interval before it stops making a difference.

I applaud the effort and detail, but I think it’s entirely inefficient for the story you’re trying to show.

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That’s what I’ve done with the Google Sheet :slight_smile:

I’ve filtered the data to only one row per day.

It has one data point per day.


Is there a problem with the limitations of Google Sheets then? I’m totally lost now.

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I think your line provider blocked all not secure websites so you can’t access it
You will have to disable the web guard feature thingy

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Nope, it works as intended :slight_smile:

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I thought you were concerned about the cell limit in Google Sheets?

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@Wingysam, have you taken a look at this?

Thanks! I’ve tried something similar before and it seems to work pretty well :slight_smile:

Do you think it could work for the Blockmarket History Chart Spreadsheet? :question:

Nice website, it gives me some old memories. How about adding item image beside item name?
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The Blockmarket?