Blockmarket - website to view trade portal prices


It’s just got easier to keep a close eye on global trade portal prices!

When the trade portal was added to The Blockheads, I also created a basic website just for me, so I could monitor prices. But I thought it might be interesting and useful to tidy that website up and release it for everyone, so here it is!

It lists all of the latest prices, and gives access to graphs for prices over the past 24 hours just like what you can see in the game at a trade portal.

Blockmarket website

Ooooh! We can see this stuff on a website now!

This is really helpful! You can actually see the percentage it’s grown or lost!






Um… those two posts did what, exactly?
Remember that thing about no useless posts?

Anyway, Dave, I was wondering if there was a way to make it show more that 24 hours? Otherwise the only difference between this and the portal in-game is that this shows the percentage of increase or decrease…


Well, I just wanted to say something that showed that this was a cool idea.


this could be perfect for creating
trade portal sales?


Just checked out the website, it’s nice! C:


A Flint spade is the least expensive at 0.0006 GC,so apparently we are paying more than what it’s worth…


Oh very handy to have! Will be checking this constantly lol


Very nice design and concept! buys some time crystals


Oh yes! Thank you! This will be nice! Now I know when to time my buying…I can just check the site from the computer and run down to my iPod Touch if the prices are cheap. :smiley:


Cheap? Cheap?! The trade portal doesn’t know cheapness anymore, some things just didn’t make it like the others.


I think that was a typo there…I don’t know what cheap means. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Great! And I just thought up of a quick suggestion!

Maybe you could add a sorter for the items (ex. Based on materials, based on kind, based on how cheap, expensive it is) that way it would be easier to navigate!


I was thinking the same thing…


I suggest you should add the pictures of the items and categorise them.


Oooo YAY!
I been wanting one of these! :smiley:
Are you gonna categorize it by sections (like in-game) or is it going to stay Alphabetical?


Well, the cheap item for today is…

Cups. :stuck_out_tongue:

And worms are more expensive than cups!

Flywheels are more expensive than diamonds, so diamonds aren’t the ultimate :stuck_out_tongue:


I keep reading the thread title as Blackmarket :smiley: