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I like red marble, so I go with rubies as an accent. However, diamonds tend to give out a white-blue light, and I just want a solid white. So, I don’t use diamonds, but I do use rubies.


On the WFS servers I play on, not only are you limited to the TC you find in-world, but TPs are expressly forbidden. I pretty much guarantee I’ll find six rubies (1 for the portal, and five for a Ruby Pickaxe) before I’ll find six diamonds. Plus, the TC cost for the diamond portal alone can be prohibitively expensive, unless you’ve already got an emerald or ruby pickaxe.


If no TP can be used, how come rubies are expensive at trade portals?


Because a WFS server doesn’t affect the TP economy in either direction. With no Portal chests and no TPs, you are limited to the resources available in the world you’re on.

And it’s easy to think, “well, I’ll just wait until I have a gem pickaxe to mine TC blocks, so I get more per block.” But gem pick axes cost TCs, and if the only TC you can use are the ones you find in the server, then you’re going to have to mine some TC blocks with that stone pickaxe. In fact, if the server doesn’t allow you to upgrade the spawn portal (most don’t), then you’re going to need to craft a portal you can upgrade. That’s 120 TC for the portal, and another 20 to upgrade it to amethyst. So you’ll need to find 47 TC blocks just to get an amethyst pickaxe.

By the time you get to where you can craft a ruby pickaxe, you’ll be thinking it’s worth it’s weight in titanium.


Exactly. So how does the T.P change when people can just buy diamonds straight up?


Not sure what you’re asking. Generally speaking, TP prices go up when more people buy an item than sell an item. Most people view trade portals as a way to get things easier- no need to go mining, or spend time crafting items. And that’s fine. The blockheads is a sandbox game, by definition open to a large variety of playing styles. If people would rather buy things than search/mine/craft them, that’s what the TPs for. Of course, it will eventually drive prices up. That’s bad news for the people who want the easy route. But it’s great news for the people who, for example, enjoy mining. They get to sell their stuff at a much higher price…


Actually, it’s possible to do a lot of stuff without ever mining, using a portal chest or using a trade portal. How? Meditating. In fact, the income from meditated gems is enough to buy a lot of stuff with no effort.


I agree with you Gollark. But if people don’t want to take the time to mine or craft, they usually don’t meditate either. It’s the instant gratification. They can have it right now. And I’m not saying that’s wrong. It’s pretty easy to make enough money to play that way. It’s just that if I don’t, I find it much more gratifying once my BH has his benches built up and a nice supply of ingots to work with.

The point you make could also apply to sluicing gravel. I’ve made tidy sums doing that as well. But that all assumes you have someplace to sell all this stuff…


We have exact same styles!
Except, unfortunately, red marble’s colour is ruined for me because I don’t really like its textures. :/:

Anyway, to the point, last night I found 2 servers using hacked trade portals, one of which I know to have managed to convince an admin to remove them, the other, unfortunately, I logged off due to some technical difficulties on my iPad before I could find out if they bought my little campaign aganist ruining the Blockheads Economy for other Blockheadians. -_-


Carbon Fibre Armour prices are going quite mad.


The titanium armour is soo cheap! I can’t believe it, considering what it’s worth. And look at that tin go! Now’s definitely the time to go mining and sell, as copper, iron & tin are going up!


Why is titanium armour so cheap?


Because of the guys who go to edepot’s server. EVERYBODY has either titanium or pole items.


Edepot should have been cloud banned LONG ago. He TC hacked in one of his videos.


Heh, yep. I remember that. But wasn’t he around before cloud, when Blockserver was still running? 1.5.1 was only… err… months ago. (which could be anything :p). Or am I mistaken?

EDIT: 1.5.1 was released (or at least the 1.5.1 thread was posted) 1 year & 2 months ago. Can’t believe it’s been that long!


It has been around a year.


Yeah 1.5.1 was released when I was an active player and knew what was happening


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Edepot’s been around since 1.0 or 1.1.

Edit: January 2013. So 1.0,