Blockmarket - website to view trade portal prices


Diamonds are suspiciously cheap.

Items are only this cheap when people spam sell them.

But u have to spam buy them before you spam sell them as they are ridiculously rare.

I suspect dupers did this.


I could care less about how long he has been around. He deserves a punishment.


I don’t believe he’s an active Blockheadian/youtuber anymore, though. Those who leave escape punishment, I guess… :/:


Oh no, there’s a way to deflate prices legit.
[li]Disable Wifi[/li][li]Buy loads[/li][li]Enable wifi[/li][li]Sell them[/li][/ol]




Edepot Official and Edepot Glitches should be shut down.

I don’t know WHAT Edepot was thinking when he made the Glitches server.


I agree, regardless the fact that he has been around for a long time, he deserves a punishment for hacking time crystals just like any other player would.
Being an old play he should know better.


In his videos he has super few TCs.


Not to mention some of his viewers lie quite a bit.

“Nah… Boring. I explored EVERYWHERE, including the ocean, underground, and above the ground, nowhere left to explore.”

Whoop de doo, didn’t someone make a point a while back that the guy who tried to explore everywhere underground must have went insane or given up after a few weeks?

Yes, he has super few TCs because he doesn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea.


Kitten lemme check again.

Indeed. Hacker. Can’t put pictures.

Guess he couldn’t ignore the viewers begging him to dupe.


He deserves a cloud ban. And the deletion of all of his servers.


Anyone wanna go back to the topic here? Just saying. :wink:
I just explained to my Mum (which led to a very interesting & educational discussion concerning the New Deal by Franklin D. Roosevelt, actually) how TC pirating, the banned D subject, and hacked trade portals really affects Blockheads and the economy.
I was just wondering, what if someone were to buy, for example, 500 flax at a legit trade portal?
Even though they would’ve got it legit and had paid the hundreds of coins, that would also affect the Blockheads economy. Is this another thing to discuss? I’m worried, because sometimes I spam-buy things like limestone, and now I’m realising, even though I do spend the money for them, that this also affects the Blockheads economy.


Coffee costs more than a jetpack.


Heh, that’s how I get so many jetpacks - I just stock up! xD
At a shop on a server I go on frequently, some dumb guy sells coffee for 20 pc each, I get soo much money just by buying and then selling at the trade portal xD


There’s no need to be concerned about spam-buying. Well, unless of course you’re doing so from a hacked TP. Normal legitimate buying of items does indeed affect prices, but only in a small way. And the effect from the hacked TP’s is way more than anything one individual could do.

Personally, for me, I have decided to completely avoid buying from the Trade Portal on all worlds. It has made the game much more fun. Now I enjoy hunting for diamonds because they are so rare and I won’t allow myself to buy them. I also won’t take diamonds from anyone unless I know for sure that they were not purchased or duped (which is basically impossible, so I just don’t take them). Same applies for all other objects. It’s been really fun lately. I craft my own Jet Fuel now since I can’t buy brand new Jet Packs at the TP. It really has made the game more fun and challenging for me.


That’s my play style too, Skeeve. I have a diamond TP on my SP world, but I only use it for currency exchange.


Who doesn’t craft their own jetpack fuel? New jetpacks may be cheaper than all the fuel, but in-house fuel production is cheapest.


I craft it. I must have a few chests full of fuel.

On one of my previous worlds the explorer was given an inventory full of fuel for his trip.


Yup - me too - currency exchange! :smiley: I have allowed myself to sell things at a Trade Portal, but my supply of coins hasn’t run out to the point that I’ve had to do that yet.


Hmm. I still buy from the trade portal. I’m trying to create an economy however.