Blockmarket - website to view trade portal prices


Cherry obviously knows nothing of the Great Panic.

The Great Panic was where items cost more coins than you could carry.


Never heard of the Great Panic. Do you remember when this was? It may have been when I quit Blockheads (I had too many activities to play TBH)


It was a reason Gollark’s suggestion for another coin was added.

Why was his suggestion added? It wasn’t a stupid suggestion with “red diamond coins” and “black glass coins”. It solved the crisis without making stupid currencies.

The Great Panic took place before 1.6 and after 1.5.


That gives us a gap of 6 months. Let’s see, I wasn’t going to Paris in 2014, so I guess I was playing? Maybe not though. Odd, I don’t remember the Great Panic.
And I forgot - when I quit Blockheads was round 1.3. Before trade portals :stuck_out_tongue: So I must have been playing, I guess not on the trade portal all that much.


I remember. I’m certain it was going on four months ago, give or take some weeks, because I crafted an entire jetpack and sold it to the trade portal for 2900 pc or something. That’s the only jetpack I ever crafted entirely, meanwhile now I’m stocking almost two stacks of them from the trade portal.


Yeah, I think I actually helped by mistake.
Worms were expensive, probably because I got too many out of worry.


I remeber when their was a time when you couldnt buy stuff as it costed more than you could carry really annoying platinum coins seem to fix it for now


Diamond Knight please stop buying baskets to crash servers ruining the BH economy. Prices have been up 90% in the last 24 hours.
On the good side, however, it is helping servers who encourage new players to immediately sell their baskets at the trade portal.
Using a Level 1 Furnace and a Lvl. 6 trade portal and 1 basket I got 2 jetpacks, a few stacks of food, a handcar and train, etc.


Nobody should be crashing anybody’s worlds. That’s griefing, and not acceptable.


looks embarrassed after seeing Milla’s reply

I has been busted >.>


I’m very glad to see that my mass buying of raw dodo meat has not affected the economy too much. And neither has my mass buying of oranges either ^ ^
And what’s this big deal with the iron ore?


The economy is in my opinion a broken mess.


Welcome back, gollark.


gollark, I semi agree with you, it can make worms cost like a million platinum coins in 15 seconds, but I think it is a neat feature.


That was a spam post.




So I’m curious about the base price MajicDave has set for platinum ingots and blocks?

Because as you can melt one PLC coin into one platinum ingot, I would have guessed that a platinum Ingot would be worth around 1 PLC, and a platinum block about 5 times that.
Even with the trading margins he has put in place, that would lead to way lower prices.
I see block market prices are 7 plc for an ingot and 70 for a plat block.
Did Dave wrongly remember that you needed 10 Plc coins for an ingot as it is the case for gold and copper coins?

Anyway, it’s one of the easiest money making trades now for those in need of coins.
Start with 5 Plc, melt them to get 5 platinum ingot, use the ingots to craft a platinum block, sell it.
You now have 70 PLC, +1400%. :stuck_out_tongue:
Rinse, repeat…





Platinum panic selling as traders in BlockHead Market react to MajicDave’s acknowledgement of improper price rigging :smiley:

Next time I’ll sell a few stacks before posting my trading tip on the forum lol.
Hedge fund style.


I guess so!