Blockmarket - website to view trade portal prices


There goes the value of those six ingots I was hoarding! :arrrrgh:


Hey, stone is 0.0014 GC. Next cheapest.

Actually 1 ingot = 1 coin for platinum.


Actually 1 ingot = 1 coin for platinum.



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May you please increase the price of coffee to 2.50?


I am waiting for more informative post.


Coffee cherry- 0.22
Coffee- 0.21


Coffeeking you can always just buy a ton of coffee :smiley:


What’s “[U]CARBON [/U][U]BLACK[/U] 0.12 -11%”


Carbon black is the black pigment. It’s made from charcoal at a press.


But how can we use this? Some trade portals have different prices than others…


Each trade portal is based around the worldwide trade portal price. If an item is really popular, everybody will buy it and the price will go up. The price will generally be lower if people sell a lot of them. For instance, stone blocks are worth 0.01 copper coins. That’s because there is soooo much of it and people don’t want it.
Each trade portal can change depending on how much you buy, but it only has a slight effect on the worldwide price. Each trade portal may be slightly different, but they are all around the same price for one item. For example, apples should be around 3 copper coins or so on every server, and not 3 copper coins on one server and 44 gold coins on another.


Good question!

The block market shows the base price across all worlds,

Prices change at both the world level and at the trade portal level, so this won’t be completely accurate but it can be a good indication of what the trends are.


Ah. Now I understand. Btw, I’ve been wondering about another MessageBot extension. I’ll tell you about it.