Blocknuggets: Pixel arts! Mostly from SP worlds


It’s been days I made this thing it’s survival on my single player world! With a lot of paints before I paint the tank so I only make a plan for this shark tank here’s the picture!

Ahh I only have this screenshot with already painted and pouring a water here’s the reflection of reality XD

And NOW the Final with little baby shark I already have tamed shark I just don’t know how to transfer it to them :slight_smile:

Here’s the FINAL a Shark tank with pixel art on it :slight_smile: I hope you guys liked it or Loved it!!! That’s all Thank you! :blush:




Awesome art!


Thanks I didn’t add kelp to because probably fish will spawn there when that happened it will be a fish tank :lol:


At no point and in no context, except where a community member asks for help with English, should users correct the English of others, when it is possible to comprehend what the person is trying to say. If you understand it then that’s good enough.

Just noticing you about this. And I’ll edit it too


Me: builds shark tank
Darkhorse: builds epic shark tank pixel art
Me: my build floods server and get frustrated because sharks don’t spawn and don’t eat.


Fresh Pancake!

Me: Can I eat you?
Pancake: Yes please but I’m too cute to eat.
Me: Your right I’m just gonna feed Milla with pancake.


Me: sharks all die off and it becomes a fish tank
Also me: :cry:


No offence, but those lanterns in the pancake are really bugging me.


There you go I hope you liked it now :slight_smile: I make it better.


One hour ago! I built this for Milla since she is a probably a Rabbit :rabbit:

Pictured on the single player world with sunset background @milla :blush:


Awww this is so cuteee


One hour again! I have to rest now I’ve just finished a special cupcake!
Requested by @maldit or not lol but I know she will love it!

I hope everyone like it hehe :smiley: it’s another cute of my pixel art this day I can do this every day when I had a really bad connection :wink:


Yes, that’s much better.


For all potatoes user here! Meet Mr. Pringles!


I’ve seen in a thread too I think Jemni said it that embedded lights already patched but nope they can still do it so I tried to test and I found out it’s not patched yet so I did it to make my pixel art better :slight_smile:


Thanks for that I will use it when I have a lot of luminous marble :wink: I just need more time to make a lot of that glowing block.


Yeah sure thanks for reminding me :slight_smile:


These look great :star_struck:


Probably a mistake.


That is soooooo cool! Might have to make one of those myself :wink: