I just calculated how many blockyears and blockmonths it’s been since the release date of The Blockheads! (Not hard but still :tongue:) I’ll update this post as much as I can and then we’ll have a Blockyear calendar! :lol: (blockdays coming soon.)

It’s been 694 blockyears and 0 blockmonths


How are you figuring out that kind of stuff?

@WumboJumbo Well here’s the simple explanation: I just calculated how many days it’s been since the release date and divided it by four lol (there were more calculations involved, but it still took under 20 minutes :sweat_smile:)

A year is four Blockheads days. Not four actual days.

@milla Ah i see. Someone gave me false info :confused:

That’s okay. I think a Blockheads day is 15 minutes long.


I’ve done some calculations and here are my results:

1 Bh day = 15 minutes
4 Bh days = 1 Bh year
1 Bh year = 1 hr
Official release date: 10 January 2013

17 August 2020 is approximately 2 777 days after 10 January 2013 (source)

(2 777 days) x (24 hrs/day) = 66 648 hrs = 66 648 Bh years

(66 648 Bh years) x (4 Bh days/Bh year) = 266 592 Bh days