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i know it’s a bit off topic but it also is quite literally on topic, is there a way to delete the part that says 7 posts were split into… that?

i’m pretty sure posts aren’t the only things deleted by administrators, if i’ve read into this enough i think merges, closing/opening topics, pinning, and other fields like that can be deleted without having any effect on the action itself

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Yes, I can do that, and have done so in the thread you posted this to.


Entire topics? Accounts?

oh, good, then you remove the message for the move of this post to an individual topic

nah i’m kidding, that’s good to know though

apologies for not creating a topic for it individually, i didn’t see a need if it was about the thread itself but i think i understand the gist now

and yeah @WumboJumbo, accounts can be anonymized too, and posts can always be edited in very specific ways without people flagging them or by deleting them entirely

I only delete accounts if asked to by the account’s owner, or if I find that they are underage. To do that I have to first delete all their posts.

I don’t like banning or deleting. Bad threads go into a private forum called The Graveyard.


Lmao the graveyard rip :slight_smile:

ah yes a hidden category, i read that regular users (tl3s) have a #lounge area, so there’s just more categories that the ‘average’ user can’t see? makes more sense

There’s no #lounge area for tl3 anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

well you’d certainly know, i believe that’s only default with the forum as well as a #staff, #uncategorized, and #site-feedback besides that one

I disabled it. I don’t like the idea of a class system. Trust levels bother me enough as it is, though they do serve the purpose of keep spamming to a minimum.