Bored? Read this now!

I’ve decided there are WAY to many posts about being bored on this forum (just search “bored” you’ll understand). Also, people are posting them in several different topic sections making it cluttered and unorganized.

I’m starting this thread in hopes that BEFORE people start a thread about how bored they are and need something to do, they will read this thread to see what others have already suggested.

So, let’s start with these simple suggestions that I borrowed from Castle Builder:
Have you circumnavigated the world?

  1. Have you dug to the centre of the earth?
  2. Have you climbed to space?
  3. Have you built a golden palace?
  4. Got four blockheads?

Post some suggestions that you have for people when they are bored! :slight_smile:

Needed this.
Built a space station of basalt (like, actually in space…)?
Meditate… Um… Um… Um… A DIAMOND!!! Or something else… Depends.
Make a hot tub (maybe even get the water to hurt you blockhead from the heat)?
Build a giant trophy!!! (I need more gold for this…)
Build an underwater water-proof building.
Built a lighthouse?
Built a dock?
Make a shark’s trophies wall (full of shark jaws).

That’s all I have for now…

im going to the center right now!

And you can claim to space??awesome!

The center of what, and for what?

No. You can’t go to space. It stops you at the top. At the top there is still gravity, so you are technically still not in space. Maybe in a future patch, when you go to space you float. Otherwise, you can see where the limit of space is in this video:


Oops, I was supposed to be responding to BluePegasus

Drain an ocean!!! I’m working on my second :slight_smile:

Create 4 blockheads, and have them start from scratch like your first one had to. (Serious boredom only!)

the trip to the center is going well…i’ll post pics as soon as im there.

the center of the plant.

I made it to the center!

Good job!

Another great way to pass time is digging a tunnel through all the way around the earth near the center. Not to close that you get injured, just close enough that you can see a little bit of the lava. Doing this, you will find A LOT of natural caves and TCs!!

Make a donkey Processing Plant. Make a donkey farm with a wooden box under it. Then when the farm is filled with donkeys remove the dirt ground and make donkeys fall into the wood box. Cover the box with wood again then light the box on fire!!! Burn donkeys burn! I never acctually tested this so dont blame me if it doesnt work.

Do the reverse and raise the ocean floor to displace the water (into underground canals etc). It’s a lot harder and takes a lot more time - if you raise the floor from underneath the water you also have to be very careful not to accidentally drain the ocean when you’re tired.

Great idea! Just be careful with the water lag for now, or you’ll get a mountain of water, literally, that takes FOREVER to level out.

Here’s more ideas that were posted in another thread:

  • drain an ocean
  • make an underwater house
  • circumnavigate
  • mine in other parts of the world
  • paint your house
  • make replicas of tourism sights
  • make a sky bridge (with glass and reinforce platforms)
  • make a tunnel for water big enough so you can boat to your house
  • make an aquarium
  • get a full chest of all types of food
  • get all the combinations of paint possible
  • make a pool
  • craft in a fourth blockhead
  • dye clothes
  • make a greenhouse (or a green house )
  • Make a waterfall
  • drain an ocean to the center of the earth to make basalt
    (Credit: headfullofblocks)
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I like these ideas :smiley:
you could also level a mountain.

Leveled out every mountain in my world. I’ve successfully created a “no climb/no swim/no boat” world, with two rows of dirt (compost in some areas) going around most of it for trees, plants, donkeys, dodos, etc. for easy access to food.

My next suggestion is to mine/dig three rows horizontally around the world in the top 1/3 of your world, trying to keep the same distance from the top all the way around. Let the oceans of your world drain into the tunnel.

Result? A complete water pipe, so you NEVER run out of water OR have to make more.

If REALLY bored (you’d have to be extremely bored for this so start a new world rather than destroy the main one because updates could make more things to do) try removing every block in the world to see what happens. If anyone does try this please post photos. Then rebuild using basalt.

You could also make a biome room, with floors filled with trees from each biomes of the blockhead world. You can draw your blockheads and post them. You can make a blockhead video. You can have FUR with the community and enjoy your life playing the marvelous game the Blockheads.