Boss Fights Wishlist

If you have any suggestions for animals, please leave them in the replies.

Size: Varies, max of 20 block long 2 blocks wide, minimum of 10 blocks long 1 block wide.

Attacks: Charge: goes at 1.5 speed, but turns at 0.3 speed. Scatter: spits a spray of slow-moving flint projectiles.

Appearance: looks like a giant worm with flint shards for scales covered with dirt, and has two massive mandibles.

Animations: Before using charge, it slowly opens its mandibles. Before using scatter, it sucks in some dirt off of the ground.

Environment: Spawns near the surface in hill biomes. Will only attack players with at least 1 iron tool/armor.

Drops: 35 to 45 flint, 20 to 30 dirt, 10 worms, and a flint scythe, which does slightly more damage than the iron sword.

Size: the exact size of a blockhead.

Attacks: Blaster: fires with its rail gun, dealing a lot of damage, and moves every time it fires, while throwing short-range grenades. Supernova: releases a blast that deal high damage and medium knockback. Plasma: fires projectiles upwards that lose momentum and fall to the ground. Missile, launches three large rocket that will chase blockheads. Laser: fires a powerful beam that hits a large area with its rail gun; this attack is almost unsurvivable, but has a long charge-up. Pulsar: throws projectiles that makes a high-knockback explosion that deals some damage to players, but its main purpose is to propel the astronaut away from the blockhead. While it uses this attack, it also fire its railgun at the blockhead. At the end of this attack, it throws a spray of pulsar bombs at the blockhead.

Appearance: looks like a blockhead wearing grayish-blue armor with blue lines flowing through it. The armor has a jetpack and a astronaut helmet.

Animations: points a small layer in the direction it’s about to fire before it uses blaster. A glowing purple and blue aura forms around it for a second it when it uses supernova. The projectiles in its plasma attack are small purple orbs that quickly grow to two time size, while becoming more transparent. When it uses missile, it does the blockhead crafting animation, quickly “crafting” the misses. Before it uses laser, it’s railgun fires a small harmless laser that rapidly grows. The pulsar bombs the astronaut uses in its pulsar attack look like black squares with grayish-blue squares at the corners.

Environment: near the top of the world.

Drops: titanium ingots and carbon fiber sheets, and it’s railgun: the most powerful weapon blockheads can wield. And killing it plays the credits, because it’s the end boss.

The renegade astronaut may prefer the area near the top of the world, but it actually spawns above the top, and won’t go down unless you use the satellite radio.

Size: slightly bigger than a normal unicorn.

Attacks: Charge: goes at 10x speed in one direction for under a second. Beams: fires dark beams in six directions that start off really slow, but quickly accelerates. It repeats this four times before the attack is over, firing in different directions each time. Reverse Shockwave: jumps high into the air, then quickly falls, creating a shockwave that starts off 15 blocks away from the unicorn then starts going inwards, quickly accelerating, and stopping where the unicorn landed. Spawn Shield: when it first spawns, it won’t attack, and it’s invincible for 30 seconds.

Appearance: has a very large horn, and spikes on its shoulders. It has a very dark and bleak color palette, with purple eyes.

Animations: lowers its head and takes a step backwards before using charge. Reads up on its hind legs before using beams, and bends its legs before using reverse shockwave. When it’s in spawn shield, it has the animation of a regenerating blockhead, but it gives off purple particles instead of blue particles.

Environment: it doesn’t spawn in the wild; you spawn one by feeding rainbow unicorns a special item called dark essence, which is made at the electric oven with 1 rainbow essence, 10 coal, and 10 oil. When you feed the unicorn 7 dark essence, it’ll give birth to a ebony unicorn, dying in the process.

Drops: 30 to 25 rainbow cupcakes, and a special ebony unicorn horn, which is used to craft unicorn test. Unicorn treats cost 10 rainbow cupcakes and 1 ebony unicorn horn. When fed to a unicorn, it causes a explosion of colors, and the unicorn will spawn a lot of babies.

Size: varies, maximum of 8 block long, minimum of 3 block long.

Attacks: Grab: wraps its tentacles around a boat and drags it underwater. The bigger the squid, the faster the drag. But it can only do this attack for 20 second before it has to go back to the deep sea. Getting out of your boat and attacking it will encourage it to let go.

Appearance: it has a faded red color, and has many small tentacles with two big tentacles with pads at the end. Also has a massive fin on its head.

Animations: when it moves, it moves its tentacles in and out.

Environment: the deep seas, at least 40 blocks under. It has a special stat: pressure. If it exits the deep sea, that stat lowers. The higher it goes, the faster the stat drains.

Drops: the smallest drop 7 fish meat, the biggest drop 20 fish meat.

Size: four blocks tall and one block tall, has the proportions of a blockhead, but four times thinner, and has longer limbs and a shorter torso.

Attacks: Grab: launches vines with gem hooks at the end at the blockhead. The vines will slightly turn towards the blockhead. It does this attack 7 to 5 times rapidly before the attack is over. Prism: makes a few amethyst appear mid-air, that fire beams at the blockhead. Throw: throws amethyst blocks that fracture into fast-moving amethysts mid-air.

Appearance: has the texture of amethyst tree trunk. It’s covered with vines and has a no mouth.

Animation: it pulls its arm backwards before it uses grab, then quickly thrusts its hand forwards when it uses the attack. It raises its arms towards the place where a amethyst will spawn when it uses prism. Then a shower of purple sparks appear when the amethyst appears. When it uses throw, it bends backwards, and an amethyst block quickly grows between its hands. Then it bends forward quickly and throws it.

Environment: it spawns at amethyst trees. Even if you build a bridge, it won’t leave its island.

Drops: 25 amethysts.

Size: 1 block.

Attacks: Spit: squirts a spray of blue droplets in one direction. It squirts 10 to 13 times before ending the attack. Pounce: jumps toward the blockhead while spraying blue droplets, then it quickly grapples back onto the island. Birth: spawn five sapphire butterfly’s that fly around and squirt blue droplets. The butterflies die of old age in 30 seconds.

Appearance: it looks like a scorpion, but it has a large abdomen and no stinger, and it has very long legs. It’s blue and shiny, with see-through claws.

Animation: when it uses spit it raises its claws every time it spits. When it uses pounce, it raises its abdomen into the air and bends its front legs. When it uses birth, it slams its claws into the ground and tilts its abdomen upwards.

Environment: it spawns near sapphire trees and won’t leave its sky island.

Drops: 20 sapphires.

Special: the weird thing about the emerald goo is it’s not living. It’s a special water block, thus it’s defeated by scooping it up with buckets. Using a bucket on it only fills the bucket with water. But it requires a lot of bucket attacks to kill it.

Size: 2 blocks tall, 7 blocks wide, with the shape of flowing water.

Attacks: Typhoon: sprays four beams of emerald shards in a spiral, while emerald butterflies chase the blockhead around. Blast: blasts emerald shards in every direction, doing this attack 8 to 5 times, firing in different directions every time. Curve: launches emerald missiles that speed towards the blockhead, but they swerve around to confuse the blockhead. Streamline: fires streaks of 3 to 6 emerald shards in random directions, while emerald butterflies chase the blockhead.

Appearance: it looks like a 2 block tall stack of water that doesn’t flow. It’s green, swirly, and has many emeralds inside of it.

Animation: none.

Environment: spawns on emerald trees, and they can’t move at all.

Drops: 15 emeralds

Size: 1 block

Attacks: Cyclone: summons four rotating barriers while firing short bursts of ruby shards. The shards will break upon contacts with the barriers, so the blockhead has to hide behind the barriers and attack the cube when it’s not firing. Mirror: the cube spawns five clones, and they will spin around the player in a circle, firing large ruby shards until the player hits the right one. If the player hits wrong, it will fire a unavoidable laser at the player that deals high damage. Bricks: the cube will constantly spin around and fracture into four bricks, then become whole again. The cube repeats this twice a second. When it’s in brick form, it fires ruby shards in random directions. When it’s cube form, it fires a large ruby shard at the player. The large ruby shard is pretty slow, but it will fire smaller ruby shards in random directions. Cinderblock: the cube will fracture just like in its bricks attack, but it will stay in brick form. However, with this attack, the cube can only be hurt when it’s in brick form, and only a specific brick can be hurt each time it goes into brick form. Instead of firing small ruby shards randomly in brick form, it fires concentrated bursts of ruby shards in four directions, but the delay of the bursts is random, and several heat-seeking ruby missiles will spawn during this attack.

Appearance: it looks like mined limestone, but the bricks are reddish black and the cracks are glowing crimson. It has a small flywheel in the middle that’s the same color has the cracks. When it uses cyclone, the barriers look the same, except without the flywheel.

Animation: it’s flywheel spins quickly. When it uses mirror, the real cube will blink now and then. And before a cube fires a large ruby shard during mirror, a small red light will appear in the direction it’ll fire; the red light will expand, eventually turning into a large ruby shard.

Environment: spawns near ruby trees, won’t wander 20 blocks away from the tree.

Drops: 10 rubies.

Special: at diamond tree islands, there will be a “diamond altar”. The diamond ghost will instantly respawn here if killed, so one blockhead must spend 3 minutes removing it, while another one battles the ghost, because it’ll immediately attack any blockhead who tries to remove its altar.

Size: slightly shorter then a blockhead, because it doesn’t have lower legs. And it’s immune to ranged weapons.

Attacks: Orb: spawns in three clones that will all charge up powerful orbs while firing small bursts of diamond shards. Hitting them will make them disappear, but the last one won’t disappear. Blast: spawns in large diamond shard in random areas that will move very slowly at first, but will quickly accelerate. Hitting the shards will break them. Spin: creates diamonds with diamond shards spinning slowly around them. Hitting the central diamond will destroy it and the shards. Ray: first it distracts the attacking blockhead with heat-seeking diamond shards, then it charges up a laser. The blockhead will get a small window of opportunity to block the laser before it fires.

Appearance: Looks like a blockhead, but with only eyes and no other facial features. It has ghost legs, and ghost arms.

Animations: when it uses orb, circles of light appear where the clones are going to spawn. Then the ghosts will lift their arms back, and a small light will appear in their hands, growing at a moderate pace. During beam, the beam will slowly grow, but before it’s fully grow, it’ll stop growing turn red for three seconds. That’s when you should run through the beam.

Environment: spawns at diamond altars, and won’t wander 12 blocks away from the altar.

Drops: 5 diamonds.

All gem trees are protected and won’t bloom until the gem guardians is defeated. In order to make defeating the gem guardian more worthwhile, gem trees would produce way more gems each bloom, and each leaf can produce gems, instead of only 5 percent.

Size: exact size of a blockhead.

Attacks: they all have different gear, such as swords, bows, even weapons not in the game, like maces that can be flung around, throwing bombs that set fire to blocks, battering rams that can open doors, etc.

Appearance: like normal blockheads, but they most likely have scars, or damaged hair.

Environment: they can spawn anywhere, although their gear depends on the environment. They come in groups of 1 to 5 and sometimes have pets, including (but not limited to) ebony unicorns, chained up amethyst nymphs, and leashed flintscales. They can only have 1 exotic pet, but they can have more than one common pets.

Drops: whatever they have equipped, along with rescources according to their environment, such as ore if they’re cave renegades, flax if they’re forest renegades, fur if they’re mountain renegade. etc. On rare occasions, they drop a satellite radio, which spawns the renegade astronaut.

Groups of 3 - 4 renegades are led by a commando, who wears a cape and has better gear. Groups of 5 are led by a warlord, who wears a longer cape, and has a flag, and has insane gear, such as titanium armor that covers every inch of their skin, pole items, or even a prototype railgun, which is a weaker variant of the one the renegade astronaut uses.

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The drops of these mobs seems desirable.
I think if they added banana trees and monkeys, it’ll be a great addition to the game.
Monkeys attack rarely. (Cuz you know, monkeys attack in real life here and there)
Make deserts? banana boat sundae?

I like the integration of less known mobs into the game like dodos and dropbears so maybe add some other extinct or endangered species?


Great work on all of the suggestions! How long did it take you to come up with them all?