Bought double time on other device, can't restore on new one


I bought double time for the blockheads back in august of 2017 on my old galaxy s6 edge to play on. I recently got a new phone (galaxy s9+) and wanted to play blockheads on it. I tried to restore double time on my new phone (using same google play account as before) and it will not restore. It gives me the option to restore but when I tap the button nothing happens and double time isn’t restored. This is a screenshot of my purchase of double time verifying I’ve already bought it.


I think you’d be better off private messaging @noodlecake_ben or @NoodlecakeDerek about this.


Good catch, lemme get one of the Noodlecake devs.


cough cough
BTD 6 is relased
cough cough


Aren’t the Noodlecake developers away?