Bought Multiplayer (twice) didnt get

I bought multiplayer twice on blockheads (android), the first time i bought a month and created it and i didnt see what happened but it didnt create the world, it went through tho, then the second time i payed for a week and it said something like authentication failed AFTER it took my ■■■■■■■ money again

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@milla can sort this out through a private message with you. Please have your online receipt ready for proof of purchase.

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Please browse around the forums for around 5 minutes if you have trouble private messaging.

You can contact the Android support team if you’d like to report the problem to them and request a refund. You can do this by pausing the game, going to HELP/CREDITS, scrolling down to Support, and tapping on the link to email them. Once you email them you will get an automatic response. Reply to that to say it doesn’t help you, and they will get back to you, possibly after they reopen in the new year. They’re in Canada and probably closed for the holiday, so they will not be open right now.

I only support Apple customers generally, but this is something I can help you with, so long as you’re not after a refund.

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I don’t think they’re closed. Their website appears to have been updated in preparation for 2020.

That’s not an indicator that a studio is open. I’ve scheduled updates and other stuff while I was on leave in the past.

You’re able to do that?

With a lot of things. I can’t moderate the forums or post to them in a general way, but I can make social media posts and stuff. Dave could schedule his blog posts if he wanted to pre-write them, then go away and let them be published automatically. Most modern content systems permit this.