Breaking News! Skeeve's Gigantic Empire Blacklist to be Deleted!

Yes, you heard that right - the Blacklist of SGE, currently consisting of over 6000 player names and devices will be entirely deleted as of Noon Today!!

But there’s more: Regular Players will be given Admin privileges so that they can raid SGE for whatever they need or want!

Why are we doing this?
Well, first of all - it’s time to throw in the towel. The game is dying and frankly, the lag and disconnections are making gameplay on this world just too unsustainable. So, let’s just say that Today - The Empire has officially fallen. RIP SGE. :cry:

Oh, and by the way:




Huh, I also heard Microsoft was purchasing Majic Jungle for $3.7 billion, so we’ll see how that all plays out…

Health and Safety Warnings

Extreme April 1st sarcasm warning

I’ve also heard that ROP is disbanding… :frowning:

do ROP disbanding is an april fool as well?

Official video regarding the end of SGE

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you rickrolled me twice

My chromecast saved me from a rickroll (a UI popped up, asking whether or not I should play the video)

what is chromecast

Something that allows things (Such as youtube) on your tv

I see.

Wumbo jumbo, being reliable

It’s not a very active group anymore and I don’t think we update the shared blacklist or anything, but yeah ROP isn’t actually gone or going lol.

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