Breaking news: Train explodes in north pole (Tragic)(Sad)(Devestating) Please vote to save many lives. Blockheads do not deserve to suffer!



Breaking news with Olivia Pecorinos

Breaking news, Train explodes in north pole while the TEOBH cast crew were recording a video.

This selfie was taken a few minutes before the tragic incident. It’s sad. Blockhead monks belive that their Angry Cave Troll Totem was the reason of their fate.

Talented and famous gem musician AceŁ££’s dead body has been found in the pit of hell. Scientists believe this was causation of the train explosion.

Poor Christophe Arthur and Dave Benson have been missing for a few hours. Their bodies have not been found so far. Let’s interview some of the survivors.

Ava Wickets: “We need better transportation safety in 1.8.”

Firstname Lastname: “It was tragic. My friend died. I’m sad.”

GOOD NEWS! Christophe Arthur and Dave Benson have been found ALIVE underneath a bunch of rocks 50 feet underground. Their helpless screams are begging to be saved. Firefighters are on their way!

Survival Pixfoil Express will be closed for a couple of weeks, months, or even years. Until Majic Dave fixes the north pole glitch. A bunch of protesters are protesting against this glitch.


  • I would like to vote against this glitch and save a bunch of Blockheads from dying.
  • I would like to vote for this glitch and set a bunch of Blockhead’s lives in danger.

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1 liek = 1 thaots & preaerz


This is hilarious but it’s not…


today on CNN we will talk about my friend’s almost life taking injury

but that’s not important let’s talk about the blockheads


AceŁ££!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!


You have put a lot of effort into this. The studio looks awesome and the text and pictures are great. Good job!


TheFoilReporter I like what you reported the news today I hope you report more! Same like this.


this happened to my friends on a train. They were like what the…




How to make a bugs and glitches thread entertaining 101.


That was so well done! XD


This thread wins award for longest name.


I see this happened alot but somehow I didn’t experience it myself…


Um actually