Breaking the top part of a flax breaks the whole thing


Look, I don’t want all my flax plants to be broken, and then I don’t want to replant all of those. But lately I have been forced to because every time I break a top part of a flax plant (the brown part which drops extra seeds), the whole plant breaks. I’ve tried with a flint/stone spade, and with a flint machete.


This is intentional. :slight_smile:


It didn’t happen in 1.6, so… but thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


This has been a change on 1.7.

Edit: @bilingual beat me to it while I was finding the quote xD


Thanks for the quick replies lol @GoodGradesBoy and @bilingual :smiley:


I was also kinda upset but now i dont have to be harvesting the crops constantly now i can wait until they are fully grown for more food


I’m not quick enough.


It’s lovely that people are so desirous of helping. Thanks to the two who posted the help, and to everyone who went to and found they didn’t need to.


It’s also shameful that a Beta Tester doesn’t even know the 1.7 basics xD


Not at all! If you haven’t played much farmy/food crop oriented style Blockheads you might not notice :slight_smile:


I noticed the flax thing, and I don’t like the way it works now. Chopping the top off was much more convenient.


I agree, especially for worlds with “public farms”. Now owners of the farms have to replant after every community harvest.


Of the many reasons I slowly gave up on Testifica, this is a recurring main one. ;-;


Public seed farms still work but only with dropped seed collecting.