Brer meets 1.7


I was able to make red, pink, purple, and white mutations of unicorns

Parent and child.


My first rare name!

Too many unicorns! :lol:


Abcboy was my first rare name too. (Dodo tho)


Ahh! Have you tried the dodos? My world is overran by ‘em::smiley::


Not yet really, but it is on my bucket list.


It’s about time I start taming other animals, so I tamed a scorpion on Red Eagle’s world!


Have you tamed a dropbear yet?
A scorpion named sparkles :laughing:


Nope, but I’m gonna try today.

That was the default name, works better on a unicorn. :lol:


Which red eagle world?


=MGN=CREATIVE, but it’s whitelisted to people in the P1 Discord or forum only I think. I joined their Discord.


I got a cave troll, dodos, fish, and sharks so far, and one unicorn.

Nice job getting a scorpion @Brer-Rabbit!


Yes folks, the day has finally come! I started breeding dodos at the awesome ATMOS cloud world, and now I have all four standard breeds! Let’s see where this goes…


The dodo army IS REAL!!!

Rare name, Pie!


I have to wonder, on uber-crowded servers, with the dodo limit set as 512 universally, how exactly can one still hatch dodos if tons of other people are probably doing the same?


I don’t know of anyone else doing it, but I hear there have been problems some places.


I have finally tamed a shark on SKYLANDS ARENA, so you can stop calling me a noob @DGPG. :wink:

Riding a shark is quite fun, I’m excited to do shark racing now!


Now I’ll have to get on there and make a hotel simalier to ATMOS for sharks.


You are not a noob unless you can tame one while it is still little enough to pick up and give to me

(To anyone who reads this: we are joking.)


Pfft, because that’s totally possible. :lol:


It actually is possible lol. Just really hard.