Bring It Back - Cloud Server

This is my server which I have created just around 2 years ago. We have tried to revive, or “bring the blockheads back” to a more popular game. This was attempted 2 years ago as I stated before and now I’ve teamed up with the old admins and we are coming back stronger than ever! We are looking for more admins. Join and say you are from the thread!!
Like I said the server name is
Bring It Back


What kind of ideas have you guys come up with so far?

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I think this community is not large enough to just have players on all the time. For best results, maybe encourage people to play on a schedule? Have a weekly Blockheads event.

I think I went to your server before. there were some pretty cool builds and if I remember right you had a YT channel right?

Yay the Weeknd pfp! :blush:

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