Broken crafting animation


So they’re crafting and their hands aren’t moving…


that’s cool


not really it triggers my ocd xD


Renamed thread to “Broken crafting animation” to make it more informative per forum guidelines.

Do you have any info about how this happened? How did you trigger it?


Eh looks better than the blockhead looking like it’s hitting whatever it’s working on


Idk how it happend didn’t even notice for a while I was looking around the map and when I looked back I realised they were frozen


It’s still occurring and I can’t see a reason or pattern might just be lag


Now, are the arms just not moving or are they inside of the benches next to them? I think you just can’t see them because they are inside of the other benches.


Hmmmmm I think that’s the reason


Try removing the benches you weren’t using and then see if you can see the arms when they are crafting.


Nope that doesn’t work, at first I thought it did but when my other guy started crafting his arms were frozen :confused:


They are looking :eyes:!


The animation is still there. Just but their hand is inside the craft bench that is next to them


It works for me?

The arms are moving in both screenshots.

Or maybe it only freezes when 2 Blockheads are crafting, I’ll have to try that in a bit.


I’ve experienced this as well. It seems random. Sometimes my arms move and sometimes they don’t.


Give your other blockhead some clothes. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is exactly what I thought. Eww naked blockheads


He has clothes! He’s got a fruit hat


Just give him clothes he’s cold…
Anyway does it still happens after you exit and join back again?
Looks like a server world to me…


It’s just their arms being inside the other benches but for some reason it doesn’t always occur (no I’m not facing the other way), this is a sever world yes. But it still happens if I join back


This has always happened, and yes their arms are inside the benches because I have noticed this too but I never really noticed due to 2D logic.