Broken Dates


This explains it all:

normally when you insert a date it makes this:
[date=2018-07-08 time=17:14 format=LLL timezones="Europe/Paris|America/Los_Angeles"]
Now remove everything except the date and format.
[date=2018-07-08 format=LLL]
now replace the dte with any number.
[date=5525 format=LLL]
It will make some weird date

Now replace the LLL with some text.
[date=5525 format=HELLO]
it will make something like this:

looks really corrupted.
every letter turns into something else except some. These exceptions are:

other ones turn into something else and can be effected by the date number and/or the characters beside it, spaces wont work and symbols and numbers aren’t effected.
Captalization can change them.
a turns into pm


I will try and make a list of all characters later.
Use this as a template:
[date=NUMBER format=TEXT]

Full conversion list from broken dates



reserved for list of conversions

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Full conversion list from broken dates

They probably did it for a reason.


Continuing the discussion from Broken Dates:


number text output
1 a
1 b
1 c
1 d
1 e
1 f
1 g
1 h
1 i
1 j
1 k
1 l
1 m
1 n
1 o
1 p
1 q
1 r
1 s
1 t
1 u
1 v
1 w
1 x
1 y
1 z


item precent
caps 1 9%
2’s 0%


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The body is limited to about 30,000 characters. Your chart isn’t 30,000 characters long.


It would. Try it out for yourself.


Try with all these:


I’ll continue doing that, but with more experiments, use Logan’s for now!


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This is screwed up…

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