Broken dodo egg?


So I was on a server trying to make rainbow cupcakes. Then this happened
As you can see I definately had a dodo egg. Next I tried selling it

I couldn’t sell the egg. Then I bought an egg and checked the stove
Apparently I have a dodo egg that doesn’t do anything?
Btw the server I’m on was Starlight Skys 3)
Edit: wait I placed the egg and picked it up and it’s normal again


If you tap on it, does it say “dodo egg?”


Yes it did


If you tap on it, does it give you the option to eat it?

Edit: just noticed your edit. Glad it worked out :+1:


This just randomly seems to happen.

As you did, I always just place it and then pick it up to get it working again.


This also happens with iron ingots from a gold shovel when upgrading an armour bench


This happens to other people on servers I join constantly! It’s so annoying! :frowning:


It’s probably a dirt or wooden egg with a bug that makes it look like a normal egg.


That happened to me when a sand dodo layed an egg on a portal, so I picked it up and it looked normal but it wouldn’t stack so I placed it and turned into a normal dodo egg.


That is actually what is happening. When a dodo lays and egg on a portal it drops as an item and gets the texture corrupted and loses it’s traits as a dodo egg until manually resetting it by placing and picking up.


I noticed that eggs I have had in storage since before the update don’t stack with eggs laid after the update. Could this egg have been one you had from before the update?


No I think the egg was from the trade portal or from a dodo; I found it in my safe I think