Broken trees


This is the weirdest glitch I’ve ever seen


Does the little grafted section of tree fruit by any chance? :grin:


Just lag. Probably 2 trees grew into each other, and one died.


Well, it usually happens when two different types of trees grow too close together, but the glitch has been around a while. (And I see my profile pic in that picture.)

@supergal1987 it might.

(From early 2013).

EDIT: found another similar pic (from…well, I remember this server, I think it was 2015.)



@Alexandra_Inglorien mine is different, the orange tree has no trunk


you mean the tree leaves are floating in the air right?
Kinda look like a normal tree but the trunks were GONE


That’s very weird! :confused:


thats why you don’t plant pine trees in my farm