Buckets from clay eggs

Not sure if this has been reported, but when you extract clay eggs in the egg extractor, a by-product that comes with the clay is a number of buckets corresponding to the number of clay eggs used. Maybe the process (code) used in getting clay from soil and buckets of water (in the press i think) was copied?


Nah, the buckets just decided that they wanted to spawn from thin air. :wink:

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The egg extractor was being generous.


Either that, or during the beta testing they didn’t notice it. because if I am right 1.7 could have been rushed to keep the players going.

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Let the theories ensue.

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Tested. :scream:
How have I not noticed??
Whoot! whoot! Free buckets!!


I will try and confirm this later tonight.
We did test the Egg Extractor during last year’s Beta Testing of 1.7, but I doubt we tested every single egg type. If this bug is confirmed, it is astounding that we are only discovering it nearly 15 months after release! :eek:

One possible reason is that Clay is so ubiquitous that there is almost never a need to extract clay from Clay Eggs when you can just dig it out of the ground in front of you :lol:

Ok, my bad, the bug was discovered shortly after release in April 2018.
It is considered an exploit, but an extremely minor one because if you have an egg extractor then obtaining buckets is really no problem for you. :lol:

It wasn’t rushed. This is just a non-issue.


Alright, thanks for clearing that up. May have caught a misconception here and there.