Buckets of Lava

The title says it all. Lava should be collectable using buckets. The bucket recipe changed to 3 iron because a tin bucket can’t hold lava


Would there be any point? I would be hard to get, because you have to go all the way down to the middle of the world to get any. I think if there was buckets, it would be better if lava was sitting in pools in caves, but then you would be just copying minecraft.


Maybe to make balsalt?


I think this might be bad… I know that there’s a void under the lava… It looks like this:

And… If the ability of removing lava was added,
I think it could not be good, it will lead to the void,
So if lava was added, there needs to be an unbreakable block under the lava to stop it from flowing or stop people from falling down to the void.

Just below this lava…

There is a void.

Is this idea good so far? Not really. :confused:

But if there’s more usses or things you think lava will be useful for, please mention them @Boltlord.

So far, this suggestion, hm.

Well, not good.


Some reasons why this won’t work:

  1. Technically, lava can melt anything. Even metals like iron, steel, etc. Throw the hardest thing you have into it, it will be melted, if not, destroyed.

  2. The lava acts as a barrier. There is a void under lava. It shouldn’t be exposed.

  3. What would you use lava for anyways? If you can pick up lava, surely others can too. So no chance of protecting stuff either.


Point one is invalid, some metals like iron have a higher melting temperature than what lava is.


Most of you have good pointers!
Although I would still love the idea of being able to use the lava!
You could make so many structures revolving around lave!
(I was going to make a thread about this, but it just got shot down by a couple snipers):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good idea @Boltlord!

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Lava, I would say, is molten rock. That’s why they form basalt in the game when water cools it down

melted rock is cooled down lava… or maybe i don undertand your point

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@Octo Why would MineCraft think they got copied? Lava Buckets are a must have item in games like these

@Santeeisweird9_real This isn’t for Basalt

@Zeekiel If the Void is under lava, then we shouldn’t be able to take lava from the core, but from pools that are in the magma areas

@itzHarleyQuinn Why would MineCraft think Dave copied? Did they make copyright Terraria? No!

@Pokehgs There should be lava pools in magma. What do you mean no chance of protecting stuff?


I mean, since lava hurts you if you go close, its main use would logically be to hurt anyone who goes close to it. That way you could make a lava room and put important stuff in.

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Hmmm… that is something we need to think of

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What does it do? It might be okay if you tell us what it can be used for.

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Don’t let hello see this if it’s added anyone who plays on pvp servers and has seen her understands or anyone that played on dz

No @Cpt-Koolzman
If you didn’t know already, magma is made up of molten iron and nickel as well.
Magma can melt most metals.

what if it had a separate bucket type, made out of three titanium ingots. That way random players who acquire 3 iron and the respective craft bench won’t be able to place lava everywhere. It will discourage a decent amount of people, and it makes more sense than iron or especially tin.

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True that lava can melt most metals including iron and steel, but it can’t melt certain alloys and titanium, so instead of adding another item that only has 1 purpose you can just make a titanium bucket or something and of course this makes lava an endgame item


Maybe this was a bad idea

Hi @Jin0719! Welcome to the forums!

I think people could use lava for a lot of things, actually. If it were up to me, I would use it for these two things, and possibly even more:

  1. Cave Troll hot pool. Cave trolls aren’t afraid of lava, they wont burn up, die, or even show any signs of being harmed by the lava, unlike regular Blockheads. I’ll make the building out of stone, put a trade portal, golden chests, and ice torches there so they’ll remember they’re old home. I’ll put water, then some lava next to it, and separate the two using basalt blocks.

  2. Trash Chute. Lava will melt just about anything, so I think a trash chute is just what my server needs. Anything people don’t want, they could simply drop into the lava and never see it again. However, the only way to do that is to move the lava up somewhere closer to the surface. And the only way to do that, is by buckets of lava.
    Great idea, @Boltlord !

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