Bug/glitch that causes players not to be able to play as their original alias/nickname

So I’ve been playing for a while in a server, but all of a sudden when I returned 40 mins later from dinner, I find out that my alias/nickname has been taken, and when I got another admin to help me reset the owner of that name, the received feedback was “reset-owner not supported”. So now I’m trying to find answers on having this bug fix and not just “getting around” the situation. I hope that either andoird support or the developer can help me with this situation. This is not the first time.

This is a result of your support ID changing. I have had this happen to me at least four times. If you PM milla, she can help you. Since you are new to the forums, you will need to read several more posts in order to gain trust level 1 and be able to PM others.


Yes, this happens randomly to some people for some strange reason. But I have to confirm, you were on a normal cloud server and not a Mac server, correct?

Milla will just need your support ID which is on the Help/Credits page, and your old and new IGNs. And probably the server you were playing on. But only share this with Milla, privately.

I am unable to provide a played ID if* the ID needs to be of the previous alias. (* I don’t know whether the game gives different IDs to different aliases on same/diff server) I cannot confirm if it’s a normal/mac server and I do not know what IGNs are.
Edit: It looks like there are different IDs for different aliases on the same server. Right now, my new alias is ****.

delete that. Never reveal your player id.

hm. I see. So how are posts counted as “read” exactly?

even if I edited that, does it need to be deleted?

If your player ID has changed, you can either pm milla, or email support(at)theblockheads. Net to have her merge the accounts. She will need you current player ID, and the account name you went by previously. DO NOT reveal your player ID to anyone not associated with Magik Jungle. Namely, milla or Dave.

It’s good now. Cant see you player ID…

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Does only the owner know if their server is on mac or cloud? or can I check the type of online data storage being used?

A Mac server would require inputting an IP and port#, though this could be automated in a link. If you can find the server in the search feature on the spinner, then it’s definitely a cloud world. It all depends on how you initially connected.

In the span of how many years?

Just a note about this: Changing your Apple ID, using cheats, and crashes while the game is writing to the game files can cause this. It’s very unusual for it to happen spontaneously under other conditions.

Your Blockheads account is allocated by Apple ID, so it’s meant to change if the Apple ID does. It’s so that two people don’t end up on a single SID.

Since the beginning of me using the cloud.