Bugs in the MIUI system

Serious bug!
Hello ~ I am a gamer, I like this game very much. I was introduced to this game a long time ago, when it was very multiplayer! Also let me know a lot of friends ~
Recently you updated 1.7 out of a lot of new things, I am very happy!
However, I don’t know why I entered the game slowly after the update. You have to wait for the white screen for a long time, even several times “no response”! There are also multiplayer games where sending a message can cause a serious outage (not a network delay). I don’t know how to return a responsibility, not such :sob: before
I hope you can fix it. Better hurry. I really like to play the game, because these bugs make me headache ~ :face_with_head_bandage: recently
Note: most of these problems are “Android”, especially /MIUI. I hope you can have a look at why there are these serious bugs in xiaomi phone first! Beg you ~ :pray:

My xiaomi phone /xiaomiMobile

Please contact Noodlecake Studios

You think they would’ve solved this problem a long time ago considering all of the people who’ve contacted them…

I never said that it would be fixed in a day or an hour
I totally believe ‘More reports= FIX’
I feel the game is close to its death, it has weak support and slow updates and they are removing good features too.

Thanks,How can I contact them

You can also mail : support@noodlecake.com

But i wont guarantee you that this would be fixed.

Thanks!I’ve given them feedback, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be resolved that soon

perhaps, perhaps not. only time will tell :grin: