Build a Snowman, get server credit

It’s build time again! The Decorate a tree, get server credit event went really well, so I’m going to repeat it.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to build a snowman for your favorite server. Post a picture of your snowman here, and on Friday, December 20, 2019 7:00 AM everyone’s snowmen will be put into a poll that will be open for 3 days. When that poll closes, the server that hosts the winning snowman will get 30 days of credit!

Like last time, you can submit one snowman per server you want to enter. Multiple players may submit snowmen for any given server. Also, since the idea for this event is to encourage people to play on the servers they want to support, the snowman must be built on the server it is entered for.

One last thing, be sure to tell me what server the snowman is on when posting!

Advent Calendar Day 13


Wish i could enter the contest to credit griffin land (2014). but it is out of credit. :confused:

Also, my brother’s birthday is the same day the submissions end

Oh, that’s cool!

It’s been awhile since I posted anything here;

But definitely count me in!

The snowman of rage. Made in a world named Expert Survival by TheOctopusBM


Here it is! Well, he tried…
Starlight Skys 5


This the Southern Hemisphere Christmas Snowman. Expert Survival, theoctopusbm.


This is the snowman I made for dodo lands custom

I kinda gave up after a while lol


I also noticed everyone is making snowmen that look like they melted

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snowmen built for Expert Survival. Oblivion


I just realized that I forgot to clarify something about the poll when posting this thread - After the previous build competition I realized that the way the poll was judged incentivized servers to only submit one build. To avoid this, while the poll for this thread will be organized the same way (per player) the votes for each server will be combined to determine the winner.

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My beautiful derpy snow man Oswald~
Expert Survival, theOctopusbm


I built a snowman and it ran off to go skydiving! Come to Starlight Skys 5 to see Frosty before he melts!!!




Submissions are now closed and voting is now open! The pictures really didn’t want to tile in a nice way… I did my best, unfortunately some of the pictures didn’t have as much resolution as the other so they had to be smaller or it would look blurry.

Vote for your favorite snowman!


  • bread_tree
  • Catage
  • Diamond1
  • Oblivion
  • Polarbearr
  • Storm
  • Vinc3Gw3n

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