Builders Needed, New Server!

I’m in need of builders, I’m starting a new server based upon The Wizard of Oz in a couple of weeks after I design everything. I’m looking for EXPERIENCED builders to help out. There will be castles, villages, and pixel art. Rewards will be admin/mod depending on if I feel I can trust you, a server of your own (to one or two people who help the most) or basically whatever you need. I’m not quite sure yet what I’m doing, and would also love some help with designs. Leave a comment and I’ll PM you, thanks so much!

I’m not a master builder but I have done multiple spawns, pixel art, buildings, etc. would be happy to help!

That sounds amazing! I’d be happy to help - examples of my work could be found on my own server Sunset Moon. I don’t consider myself a master builder but I have had plenty of practice in the past.

Do you still need builders?

I’d like to assume so.