Builders needed


Hi everyone :wave:t3:
I‘m looking for people who enjoy building and who‘d like to help us setting up a new server :slight_smile: It would be great if you already have experience with underwater building but we‘re happy about everyone who joins our team :smiley:

Please pm me if you‘re interested!

(I‘ll change this into a server thread once our server will be released)


I have no building however I am somewhat experienced with water physics in the blockheads.


If you‘re interested in helping out I‘ll contact you via discord :slight_smile: We really could need somebody with experience :blush:


Would love to help x


Welp I’m not an expert, but if you want a skyscrapper, or a modern styled building, I’m in


Would love to help but i am only online at Saturday and Sunday if u are ok with it please tell me so i can PM u


We‘re glad for everyone who‘s willing to help us! :smiley: Thanks everyone! :sparkling_heart:
@BUILDITME1 It doesn‘t matter how much time you‘re able to contribute :slight_smile:
If you‘re interested please join our discord server


That is an invalid invite
Also, I accidentally deleted your request, would you mind sending it it again?


I would love to help! But i’m not allowed to get discord


The link should work now :slight_smile: It‘s no problem at all, if you don‘t have discord, we‘re having a forums chat too! :smiley:


Hey @Princess_Sarah I would love to help, the only thing tho is that I have little experience…

I’ve joined the discord sever