Building a server?

SPAWN IS NOT FINISHED. This is mah first server in 4 years, I might open it
somewhere around late october to november probably either Spoktober or
thanksgiving. I still need somebody to make up the name, rules, and become my admin.

I have more time to work on this server during the weekend therefore Ill give a weekly report. ty for reading! au~revoir


Lmaooooo whale com back! :lol: except with a u
Here are some basic rule ideas
(After the whole thing of “no grieving be nice blah blah blah)
You are only allowed to hit other players while holding a steam generator
If you read the rules say “whale com back”
If you open in it in 20 days or so, I can be admin

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It looks really cool! Did you build that yourself? :what:

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yeeeh! its based off of one of my older builds that i never got to finish. I just like spawn that doesnt have any background walls.

Sad part is about those spawns is that not a lot of people fully explore their beauty :frowning:

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Unless you zoom out at any point in time? :question:

No but the black border forces you to explore and many don’t do that

im gonna force my webdesign friends to put pictures inside welcome message LOLLOLLOL

what is spoktober? is it something to do with star trek?

Spooktober. It’s October but spook because Halloween is in October.

i worked on it a little more today



shhhh dont point it out :shushing_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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