Building a tower


I am working on a tower on SGE
It is going to be big(according to me) and have appartments, mini games, shops, golden beds (Good bye red time crystals) and (hopefully) more!
Here’s the first bit of progress

[In case you want to know this is in Skeeves Gigantic Empire by skeeve, a little past the 1050 marker (which is a bit further than 200 tc from spawn]


When I saw the pictures on top of each other, I thought you had a super tall inventory.

On a serious note, I like your build. What’s the area on the top left with all the blocks?


That’s my ‘Inspiration Board’ a stack of blocks I gathered with 3 kinds of paint on each block type. It basically shows the best materials for the room I want.


Cool tower!


Probably a little after
I’m a really slow builder


Oh yeah this is discontinued. But I still play on Skeeves Gigantic Empire