Builds in Black Fortress

These are most of the builds in my server (Black Fortress) Some by me, Some by other players. unfortunately, cant access my owner account currently due to support ID deciding to flop on me
Anyway, here they are!
By: Phoenix & Christee W.I.P
By: Unlondon (me) & Phoenix W.I.P
By: Phoenix & Christee

By: Jennayyyy

Spawn by: Unlondon (me) (with help from Phoenix and others)
Old spawn completely by me —

These are the current large scale builds on the server. Lots of plans for more.


What exactly do you mean?

Probably an instance where the SID switched and now prevents them from joining their world through the usual IGN because of the whole “you cannot join that world because X name is already used there” or whatever it actually says.

Like Testif said, an SID problem. I’ve already contacted Milla about it, i don’t expect an immediate response but I’m still worried. i have 2 devices and my ipad and phone are now linked, both lost their own SIDs and got replaced with a new one.

I’ll get back to you shortly.

This actually happened to me a while ago too, when I got my iPad (Fall of 2018 I believe). Milla helped me figure it out and thanks to her I was able to get back into my accounts and my server.

I’ve watched that vid :slight_smile: a bit outdated considering the spawn revamp… but at least people will be able to see how old version of spawn was.