Bully’s Tip and Guide

(If someone being mean what you do)
(Btw this was hard for me to do so please not be mean :joy:)

(1) muted them and if you on a sever tell a admin or mod (:

(2) (Repot Thame)

(3)( People who being mean to you sometime are going thow hard time so that why thay mean sometime so try to ask them what goign on and try see why thay mean)

(4) Leave the sever and come back later on)

(5) try not get mad at them and try make it look like you not cr what thay saying and thay will maybe leave you you alone)

(6)go away from the bully’s or again just lave and come back later)

(7) if thay are broke you house try tell a admin or mod and tell them to stop :stop_sign:)

(8) take a photo of the chat and game and if the sever have discord tell a admin and sees the photo or if not maybe tell a blockhead staff member)

(9) again the bully many have stuff going thow thay life so try be nice to them even though thay being mean)

(10) what he/she say to you that mean is not TRU so not listen to them thay are trying make you upset and mad and some bully was GETING bully so thay are being mean to get thay :rage: out)

(Btw again this was hard for me to do so please not be mean :joy:)
(6) go away from the bully’s


Good list. By the way. If you want to edit your list and put #6 in order, just select the pencil icon and it lets you change your post.

I personally like #6. Bullies want to get a reaction and if you leave, they get no satisfaction AND you don’t have to listen to them. Win/Win


@jemnidad ok I will fix it

@jemnidad thank for letting me know 6 not In Order I not know how it out of order

@jemnidad can you help me I what you be in the photo can you be the bully? And do you know a sever that we can do it in that privet if you not what be in photo that ok

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Yeah, I don’t want to be a bully. It’s not in my nature. :smiley:

And the custom here on the forum is to not post multiple posts in a row within 1 hour. You can edit your post and add further thoughts if you need to. And you can add @ like you did of multiple people if you are answering different posts from others in the same post.

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@jemnidad What? Ahh more reading for me (I AN DEAD)!

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Thanks for sharing those tips! :grinning:


Sorry I have not seen this I been offline for a long time

Welcome back


Thx dude

Just remember I can,t do any of that bc I am dumb XD

(I think I have anger issues so ummm

(Also I have autism)